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2019 Interior Trends

Diana Szpytma 13 November 2018 1 comment
2019 Interior Trends

2019 is just around the corner and a New Year is a great excuse to revamp your interior design. With social media becoming a bigger marketing tool than ever, it’s easier to observe the changes in interior design and to implement them in your hotel or restaurant. Due to the constant changes, staying on top of trends is ideal. Here are the top trends that will keep your hospitality space looking stylish throughout the year.

Mixed Metals

Metals have played a big part of the industrial aesthetic for some time now. In 2019, designers will be uniting stainless steel with copper and brass with bronze, to create striking finishes for all features from bar stalls to table legs. Including copper or brass elements give an extra punch to an overall timeless look.


With an ever-growing concern for our environment, it’s not a surprise that sustainability is set to be a huge trend in 2019. Alternatives to animal products such as animal-free leather and worm-free silk are becoming increasingly popular. Natural materials also help people embrace a friendly retreat from the everyday stresses of modern life and are the perfect way for your guests to fully relax in your hospitality environment.

Night Skies

There’s plenty of inspiration that can be taken from the skies. Constellations, astronomical patterns and galactic surfaces are all examples of how you can bring the night skies into your design. Whether you want extensive indications of the skies or just a subtle hint, starry nights will be shooting around the hospitality industry.

Make a Statement

Making a statement is a great way to give your design even more of an impact. Everyone in the industry understands the importance of an eye-catching feature – feature walls and pieces of art are typical ways of making a statement, but in 2019 a statement ceiling is the way forward. Painting your ceiling a bright colour or adding an energetic wallpaper are great ways to transform the room. Statement spaces also inspire guests to photograph and to share on social media, and can make your room appear bigger, brighter and unforgettable to your guests.

Blue Planet

Interior design is taking a dip into the deep blue with scallops and scales set to be huge throughout 2019. Upgrade your seating area with scalloped shapes chairs or create a feature wall with fish scale wallpaper. Actually, by investing in anything that is similar to the blue planet including waves and colours, you will be ready to achieve this trend successfully.


Time to say goodbye to the cooler colour palette and embrace warmer colours – nudes, caramels and honeys are the new colours of 2019. Over the past few years, grey tones have been leading the colour palettes, but now the sandy, flesh tones are bringing an edge to the typical beige. With the cold weather upon us, the warm tones will definitely bring a sense of comfort and warmness to your guests. Throws, pillows, wallpaper and paint are all ways in which you can bring nude tones into your design.

Crittall Styling

Crittall is the top style choice for doors and windows – next year, it’s going to progress into the room. Anticipate Crittall-styling appearing in room dividers, bars and other various features. As well as being chic and contemporary, Crittall-styling is extremely practical, predominately for organising different sections in restaurants.


Velvet has been everywhere throughout 2018, from the fashion industry to interiors, but if you didn’t embrace it this year, you haven’t missed out as it is set to become even more popular in 2019. Cover your furniture in velvet to bring instant elegance to any space.

Biophilic Design

Indoor greenery was popular through 2018 and will continue throughout 2019. A ‘living wall’ is an outstanding way to incorporate this trend into your space – this could also be used as your statement! However, there are more straightforward and delicate ways to integrate greenery into your design, such as stand-alone plants which are set to feature prominently in 2019. An advantage of individual pots is that you can mix a variety of shapes and sizes of plants to form an exclusive and natural effect. To begin, it’s great to combine small shrubs with bigger plants, like a Monstera (called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” for the striking holes in its leaves) or a Scindapsus. Connect the plants to your space by selecting pots that enhance your existing design.

If you’re completely refurbishing for 2019, indoor greenery compliments this year’s colour palette of warm and earthy tones perfectly.

By Liam O’Donnell, director of Valdivian Furniture, a British furniture manufacturer that specialises in bespoke, hand crafted contract furniture

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