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3 Luxurious Bathroom Styles That Will Wow Your Guests

JodyP 15 May 2019
3 Luxurious Bathroom Styles That Will Wow Your Guests

All too often the hotel bathroom feels like an afterthought and doesn’t always align with the same plush design principles and style that are applied to its adjoining bedroom or suite. However, in this post, we want to combat this notion, as the bathroom experts from Jaquar share a number of bathroom style ideas that are guaranteed to leave a positive impression on hotel guests time and time again. From luxurious fixtures and fittings to functional layouts, we’ll demonstrate how hotel bathrooms can be a star feature – curating a truly luxurious hotel experience from bedroom to bath.

Keep things simple

Typically, modern hotel bathrooms tend to be modestly sized and lacking natural light with more emphasis put on creating larger sleeping spaces with views – as a result, they can often feel a little enclosed. However, the right interior design choices can easily combat this, delivering an airy and light space that feels opulent, despite its limited dimensions. The key? Keep the design and layout simple.

A stripped back, minimalist style works brilliantly here to make the area feel spacious with a chic and sleek finish. Opt for a light, monochrome palette and compact bathroom suites to maximise the use of floor and wall space – think floating toilets and sinks alongside walk-in showers with glass panels that negate the need for divisive walls. The addition of bright spots lights and large format floor and wall tiles will also deliver a streamlined, illuminated look with fewer grout lines, while luxury fixtures like waterfall taps and drench showers will instantly deliver a feeling of grandeur.

Marvel with marble

There are some interior design materials that never go out of style – and one of these is marble. Hardwearing, sleek and practical, this material is a fantastic addition to curate a luxurious hotel bathroom. With the added benefit of excellent durability, it also means tired, lacklustre bathrooms will be a thing of the past.

From sink units furnished with a marble worktop to floor and wall tiles, marble interiors are continuing to be a popular trend for bathrooms, bringing a soft and sumptuous finish. From dramatic black to elegant white, the colour variations and natural veins of marble bring a striking feature that can be adapted to both modern and classic interior styles.

For a chic, contemporary look pair marble with glass and modern-style suites and tapware -focusing on quality products that elevate the typical bathroom experience. Alternatively, achieve a more vintage-inspired feel, with wooden accents and gold or brass hardware. Whichever style you plump for, install suitable lighting and accessories to complement the aesthetic, making sure marble takes centrestage.

Create an escape

For many guests a stay in a hotel is the perfect time to relax and unwind, yet many hotel bathrooms lack the means to do this. If you want to impress guests and provide the perfect retreat from the daily grind, then allow your bathroom to cater to their every need both on a practical and aesthetic level.

To do this, every element of the design should make the space feel inviting, relaxing and personal. Whether it’s an opulent drench shower, sunken bath you just don’t want to get out of or the addition of tropical plants and adjustable mood lighting, personalising the space to create a zen-like zone is sure to deliver a luxurious and memorable experience.

The key to pulling off a luxurious hotel bathroom is to ensure the key elements go beyond typical functionality. It doesn’t necessarily need to be gold-gilded taps and marble worktops, but more about designing spaces that push forward a premium, quality finish with every detail – and we hope this post gives you plenty of inspiration for transforming ordinary spaces into tranquil, opulent havens.