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3 Reasons HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is A Good Investment

Diana Szpytma 20 November 2018
3 Reasons HVAC Preventative Maintenance Is A Good Investment

Hotels with a comprehensive HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program (PPM) in place can reduce ‘down time’ of hotel rooms and ensure guests have an enjoyable stay.
Here are three more reasons why HVAC maintenance is a good investment:

1. Reliability & System Life
Consider a HVAC Preventative Maintenance program to be an insurance policy. Maintenance costs are the premium being paid to reduce the chances of a system failure.
Without proper maintenance the service life of HVAC systems will decrease and they will not be able to perform as needed.  The number of complaints will rise.
A comprehensive PPM with free emergency call out avoids the stress, cost, and any other horrible knock-on effects of a sudden system failure.
Always do your research and check the track record of the company in terms of call-out response time and ‘first fix’ rate. Hotels, more than any other trade, need a timely, efficient, quiet & respectful service.

2. Guest Comfort
Hotel managers understand that without proper maintenance the service life of HVAC systems will decrease. Think about the impact that poorly operating and unreliable systems have on hotel guests. If guests aren’t comfortable or have a bad experience with a hotel’s HVAC system they can immediately post a bad review on social media sites and Trip Advisor.
On the flip side a hotel with a comprehensive package in place will provide a more comfortable guest experience and positive reviews will follow. The Holiday Inn Stratford saw a 25% increase in Guest Satisfaction reports with a comprehensive PPM in place.
Documentation is key to determine what its costing the hotel by not having a Preventative Maintenance Program in place. Track the complaints and service calls. Identify the cause of the complaint. What had to be done to correct the situation? And then track room occupancy numbers affected due to downtime.
This will give you an idea how much a comprehensive Maintenance Program would have improved not only your bottom line but your customer relations and the overall guest experience.

3. Indoor Air quality
The operating condition of HVAC equipment is critical to indoor air quality. A well-maintained system will not only protect hotel guests and staff but also protect the hotel from potential litigation, adverse publicity and any code violations — all of which can have an impact on the bottom line.
Identify areas where the facility is experiencing IAQ issues. Find a company that can offer a free site survey & testing to help with this. Develop a maintenance plan for dealing with those issues, including both corrective and long-term preventive measures.

A good HVAC Maintenance company can make almost anything run efficiently.  Choosing the right company isn’t something to be taken lightly. Make sure the company you choose has experience in the hotel industry. Hotel HVAC systems are complicated. No two hotels are the same. It is imperative the engineers handle every issue that arises quickly, with minimum fuss and disruption.

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