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3 Secrets To Giving Hotel Staff A 5-Star Stay

Bonnie Howard 4 February 2019
3 Secrets To Giving Hotel Staff A 5-Star Stay

Regardless of your location, type of accommodation or interior style, it’s your staff that ultimately leave the lasting impression on your guests by playing a pivotal role in their overall hotel experience. Subsequently, as a hotel owner, it’s important to nurture a positive work environment that demonstrates value and promotes the happiness and wellbeing of each staff member.

That’s why, today, we’re running through our top three secrets to giving your hotel staff a five-star stay, creating an enjoyable and functional workforce that not only benefits staff, but your business and guests, too.

Promote a positive team mentality

A successful hotel is a well-oiled machine reliant on each of its individual cogs functioning effectively and efficiently – if one were to fail, so too would the whole operation. Actively promoting a positive team mentality, not just within the individual subsections of your staff roles but across the entirety of your workforce, is an effective way of ensuring your hotel is functioning to the best of its ability.

One way to approach this is through encouraging your staff members to socialise with one another. The allowance, and indeed encouragement of staff socialising, will contribute to a stronger team mentality that will naturally make up for any lost time through better communication between team members.

To best promote this, incorporate a spacious staffroom with plenty of seating and refreshment facilities. Wherever possible, look to encourage cross-departmental socialisation, communicating a shared vision that ties together the goals of all of your employees, from the kitchen workers to the cleaning staff.

Ensure safety and security

It’s no secret that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so look to demonstrate value for your employees wherever possible.

A good way to go about this is to ensure you’ve thoroughly considered the safety and security of your member of staff. Providing a set of sturdy lockers in which they can store their valuables and personal belongings during working hours will give them peace of mind throughout their shift.

For team members working the night shifts, why not offer to cover the costs of their taxi home? Not only will this make them less hesitant to work the less sociable hours, but it will also make them feel valued by your business or corporation.

Offer some perks  

Employee perks are a positive way of creating incentives and demonstrating active appreciation for your workforce.

One approach is to offer a complimentary stay in your hotel for your team member and a guest of their choice or, if the option exists, at a partner establishment. This will make your employees feel that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed, and it acts as a smart incentive to keep them motivated during more difficult, busy shifts. What’s more, offering your staff a complimentary stay is an effective way of them experiencing the business first hand, helping them upsell and provide more detailed assistance to future customers.

Your workforce is a crucial factor when it comes to ensuring the success of your hotel business and should therefore be treated with that in mind. By following these three tips, you can establish a five star experience for both employee and customer alike.

Author bio:

Tom Brialey is the Founder and Director of Action Storage, which adopts his philosophy that, in addition to the highest quality products, you must also provide the highest standard of service to your customers in order to succeed. That’s why it’s Tom’s mission to provide expert support 100% of the way.