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5 Things All Hotels Could Do Better

Diana Szpytma 16 October 2018
5 Things All Hotels Could Do Better

Hotels are where we stay when we need a home-away-from-home. Some of us may expect luxury, while others may simply expect consistency, but one thing’s for sure – we all have expectations. Frankly, it’s impossible for a hotel to provide everything that everybody wants. For instance, being overly attentive will please those who enjoy being pampered and looked after, but the same treatment may grate on those who prefer to be uninterrupted and left to their own devices.

It may seem like a Catch 22 scenario, but there are still things that hotels can easily do to improve their offering. Below are just 5 examples of comparatively simple things that all hotels could do better:

  1. Put your best pillow forward – Treat every guest like Goldilocks. They’re looking for a pillow that’s just right for them. Some like a soft pillow, others hard, but everyone has a ‘just right’ and that is why having a small selection of pillows that guests can choose from can make all the difference. In short, options are always preferable.  
  2. Invest in better coffee – After an eight-hour transatlantic flight, no guest wants to sip a cup of coffee that tastes like it was mixed with dishwater and filtered through a tissue. Providing guests with a quality brew every morning doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. In fact, there are businesses out there that can not only supply hotels with high-quality coffee but coffee machines for hotels and hotel rooms too.  
  3. With towels, the limit doesn’t exist – When was the last time you checked-into your room and tearfully exclaimed, “Oh no, there are too many towels!” Never, right? A towel for hair and a couple of towels for the body should be the bare minimum…but nobody wants to feel like they’re traveling with Bear Grylls by conserving towels for survival.
  4. Plug sockets at the bedside – While most of us are living in 2018, a lot of hotels are still living in 1898. Not having plug sockets by the bedside table means guests can’t charge their phones or use them as an alarm clock. It also means they’re unable to use their laptop for work or deep-into-the-night Netflix binges.  
  5. Free (and decent) Wi-Fi – Being able to access the internet from a hotel room used to be considered a luxury that visitors would pay a premium for. Now, however, it’s all but expected. In fact, nowadays internet access alone is not enough – it’s got to be quick too. While slick business hotel rooms may offer high-speeds as a given, some still offer Wi-Fi as a costly add-on and others have connection speeds so slow that it has guests missing their old dial-up internet connection from 2002.

These 5 simple things may seem small and insignificant, but they are also expected by many. If the fundamentals aren’t there, it doesn’t matter how many luxurious benefits a hotel offers its visitors. This is something that more and more hotels are beginning to lose sight of. Like businesses in all industries, hotels have to move with the times and accept that what visitors want this year, may become what they need next year.


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