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5 Tips for Choosing Washing Machines for Your Hotel

JodyP 19 June 2019
5 Tips for Choosing Washing Machines for Your Hotel

Research suggests that a quarter of people have stopped visiting hotels based purely on poor cleanliness. It’s an expectation of the industry that guests will arrive at a hotel room to find soft, clean towels and bedding. Cleanliness is such an important factor for customer satisfaction, along with the quality of food and comfort of beds. If you get this combination right, you’ll have the highest chance of getting repeat customers and positive Trip Advisor reviews.

Getting the right solution to achieve the highest cleanliness of towels and bedding isn’t easy. Below are our top tips to help you choose the right washing machines that ensure you can consistently supply your guests with clean towels and bedding.

Quality of Machine

When you invest in washing machines, you’ll need quality machines that will be able to withstand heavy use. Washing machines that are sold as “commercial” are designed to stand the test of time. Always look for commercial washing machines and don’t buy domestic washing machines for your hotel.

Unfortunately, even the best quality machines can sometimes break. For this reason, you need to ensure you have an aftercare service in place to repair your machine should it break. Compare the warranty periods for different machines and enquire about the repair process so that you aren’t left in trouble if it breaks down.

Floor Space

Finding room to put your washing machines is one of the challenges that hotel owners face. The more rooms you have free, the more space you can make available for guests to maximise your revenue. When you buy your machine from a manufacturer, ask if they can help survey the site and offer installation recommendations. Specialist equipment suppliers will usually offer this as a service to help you get the best machines for your hotel that is installed in a space-efficient way.


Running a successful hotel business requires careful financial management. Achieving profit targets is a challenge for owners, and one of the important things to consider is laundry expenses.

More and more hotel owners are looking to move their laundry onsite. Moving your laundry onsite requires a large initial investment, but can save you money in the long term. There are other considerations, however, such as utility bills and hiring staff to manage the laundry.


In order to maximise efficiency, hotel owners need a speedy turnaround on laundry. Washing laundry onsite can help to ensure the fastest turnaround of clean laundry as you don’t have to wait for laundry to be transported on and offsite.

Load capacity is one of the factors to consider because higher load capacities allow you to increase your turnaround time with washing. Most commercial washing machines range from 9kg to 18kg drum capacity.

Washing machines that offer shorter wash cycles will help to ensure the fastest turnaround. Washing machines like the Caterwash 12kg have 15 different cycles for maximum versatility. Just remember that the more available options on your washing machine, the more training staff will require because there’s a high chance they’ll wash laundry on the wrong settings.


Additional features can really add extra value for money on your washing machine. Alternatively, if you only require a simple machine you can save money by buying a basic model that only does the essentials. Some features to consider are the energy rating, delay wash to let you wash through the night, door safety locks and an automatic weighing system to maximise on water efficiency. Washing machines with energy efficiency features installed could help you save money in the long term if you’re going to be using it regularly.