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Acoustic Doors – The Key To Hotel Peace

Bonnie Howard 12 June 2019
Acoustic Doors – The Key To Hotel Peace

Noise from inside the hotel – particularly from the corridor – is one of the most common causes of complaint from hotel guests, leading to tired and unhappy customers who will never return, negative reviews, and potential loss of income. But it is possible to fight these negative hotel complaints is by preparing for them and properly soundproofing hotel doors with effective acoustic seals.

While the structure of sound attenuating doors is clearly vital, many are let down by the seals selected. Sound, unlike air passage can and will escape from the tiniest gaps: a door open (or with a gap of) 1% will let 50% sound through it and most soundproofing issues or noise leakage problems are down to either a lack of the correct acoustic doors seal, or badly-fitted or damaged door seals which have gone unnoticed. Ordinary fin or brush seals simply will not do the job of blocking sound from passing through the gaps around the door so Norseal supplies a range of acoustic seals solutions including its feature-packed Complete Sealing System which provides smoke and draft protection as well as acoustic insulation around the full perimeter of most hotel doors.

The Norseal NOR810 Automatic Drop Seal is fitted to the bottom of the door providing the most durable acoustic sealing profile to stand up to the wear and tear that hotel doors receive. It effectively provides smoke and draft protection and, uniquely, also offers sound reduction of 55dBRw. It is self-levelling so it will cope with any kind of floor or frame combination and no tools are needed to adjust or deactivate the seal. The seal also complies with the requirements of British Standard BS476: Part 22 and has a wealth of acoustic data as evidence of its competent sound attenuation properties.

Norseal also supplies a full range of acoustic perimeter seals that filling the air gaps that create sound leaks around the head and jambs of the doorset. They also stop smoke, light and dust permeating the gap. Norseal can provide either retro-fit or rout-in acoustic perimeter seals to suit any hotel door.

Part of the European Athmer Group, Norseal is the leading provider of specialist door seal solutions, plus a wide range of ancillary door products. The company has a long track record of innovation, developing products which meet and exceed the latest industry standards for fire and smoke protection, acoustic properties, accessibility and thermal insulation. Products are backed by a qualified and experienced technical team offering advice and guidance on all aspects of intumescent and acoustic seals. As well as its core range of seals, Norseal supply a wide range of supplementary door products including fire-rated glazing, electrical and plumbing solutions, fire rated ventilation, letter plates, door viewers, threshold plates, weather seals, and finger protection products.

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