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Adia: Save Time And Money When Hiring Temporary Staff

Chantell Keston 19 July 2018
Adia: Save Time And Money When Hiring Temporary Staff

Adia believes the recruitment experience can be better. That technology can be leveraged to eliminate inefficiencies in the world of work. Their platform helps job seekers find flexible work opportunities easily while giving employers access to great talent whenever they need it.

Employers decide upfront how much to pay their staff and see their skills, experience, and rating for each person before making a hire. 

To demonstrate the ease of their app Adia has reworked the tale of the Three Little Pigs to feature a suited, frustrated corporate wolf incapable of blowing down a house made of bricks.

The mockumentary opens with the wolf nostalgically reflecting on the ease of blowing down straw and sticks earlier on in his forest-centric career. Speaking to the camera, he laments his inability to climb the career ladder to the rung of bricks, admitting that “some jobs just are too big to accomplish alone”.

But then he discovers Adia and recruits a pack of fellow careerist wolves. Together they blow down the house of bricks in one fell puff.

The wolf comments: “They were blown away – so was I.”

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