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Around the World in 80 days – One Drink at a Time

Chantell Keston 31 July 2018
Around the World in 80 days – One Drink at a Time

We travel a lot around the globe these days, whether it is for work, leisure or a family holiday, and let’s face it, landing in a foreign country the first thing you want to do is grab a refreshing beverage, whether it is alcoholic or not.

We gathered data from 30 destinations from London to Madrid, Cape Town to Paris, Hong Kong to New York, to see just how much a round of drinks will cost you.

We decided to focus of the 4 most consumed drinks around the world – beer, water, coffee and cola.

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic drink, and is the third-most popular drink overall. If you are feeling like ‘making it rain’ head to Dubai as the average price for a beer will set you back a whopping £8.78. With Hong Kong and Paris taking on second and third place. If you are looking to get your favourite golden amber liquid on more of the cheaper scale, head to Cairo or Cape Town – you can amazingly spend less than £2. Lima capital of Peru comes third.

Water, the hub of life. It is like washing out your insides when taking a gulp. Surprisingly in some cities you will pretty much pay an arm and leg for it. Paris, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney are the most expensives cities. Okay not quite an arm and leg but much more than it costs in Cairo, Mumbai and New Delhi. Paris £1.65 verses Cairo £0.12p. Quite a significant jump.

Next up Cola. The sugary deliciousness that is more addictive than most drugs. Now I don’t know if these three cities are doing us a favour by having a hefty price tag on Cola, but stick to water in Paris, Sydney and Auckland. You could be paying an average of £2.42 for Cola. And on the other side of the world you will be sipping your Cola for under £0.40p – Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai and Bangkok being the cheapest cities by far.  

Coffee is the foundation of the food pyramid, right..? Having your morning brew in Hong Kong, Beijing and Paris (the city of love is once again in the top three) will set you back around £3.48. But before you start running around in a crazy panic, Rio, Cape Town and Mumbai understands that most people can’t function without their morning ‘cuppa joe’ – expect to pay around £1.32 for your morning liquid.  

And on that note if you have ever daydreamed about opening up your own coffee shop, you have to take a look at Bibium – all of their beans are sourced ethically, roasted locally and priced fairly, so both suppliers and clients receive a fair deal, and the great thing is that they are an independent company. Check them out if you are seriously considering starting your own coffee shop, because not all superheros wear capes.