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Ask the Expert… Phone Systems

Jerome Smail 10 January 2015



Garry Bryant

Manager of Marketing & Online


Q: My small hotel is currently outgrowing my basic phone system and I need to upgrade. What should I consider?

Mr Bryant says: When sourcing a phone system for a hotel, there should be several points that rank high on your agenda. A major consideration would be ease of use for your hotel staff. They would expect an intuitive interface with a lot of functionality to make their duties easier.

Guest names should be listed against their hotel room phone to assist reception, room service and internal staff phones. Housekeeping staff should have the ability to set room status by the phone. Logs need to be generated against phone calls made against the duration of the guest’s stay.

The phones can be programmed with fixed function keys to make it easier on the guests when trying to reach a particular service. A function commonly expected by hotel guests is the ability to set up wake-up calls. Additional functions to consider might include a ‘do not disturb’ facility and even the ability to check in or out.

As a manager or hotel owner, cost is obviously an important factor. When reviewing operational costs, a modern system should allow you to reduce outbound phone calls by your guests through the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Reducing this cost will allow the system to make more money, which can be set against the initial cost of the phone system. Over a period of time the phone system can actually generate enough revenue to pay for itself.