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Boosting snack sales

Hotel Business 1 February 2017
Boosting snack sales

Cheggs“While crisps and nuts are still the snack of choice for most bar customers, snacks from around the world are increasingly popular, such as Wasabi peas and crunchy corn,” says Dave Willis, who runs the Salty Dog brands with wife Judy. “Our Darling corn range, in a number of different flavours, does very well.

“We’ve also found that the unusual flavours in our Gruntled Pork Crackling range that Salty Dog launched last June have been incredibly popular, so much so that we’re looking into adding new flavours. Customers love the product.”

Maximising sales in a hotel bar isn’t just about what’s on sale. It’s also about how the snacks are sold. One innovation that’s increasingly popular is the trend for bars to stock bulk snacks that they can dispense and put into individual or sharing bowls. This might be nuts like salted peanuts or cashews, or maybe Bombay mix or Wasabi peas. Not only does it provide better margins for operators, it also gives a sense of theatre. Operators can choose the type of snack that best suits their hotel bar.

Chocolate is surprisingly popular with those customers who have a sweet tooth. Confectionery appeals to adults and children, which is one of the reasons we recently launched our first key confectionery product, Cheggs. These bite-sized candy-coated chocolate eggs come in 30g and 90g packets which make great hotel bar treats all year round, but are especially ideal for Easter.