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Brentwood Communications: Hiring Out Two Way Radios for Hotel Events

Diana Szpytma 10 April 2018
Brentwood Communications: Hiring Out Two Way Radios for Hotel Events

Hotel operators are well accustomed to hosting events as a source of extra income. Be it conferences or exhibitions, award ceremonies or gala dinners, or just simple business meetings, hotels often have the space and the facilities event organisers are looking for.

But while hotels are usually well equipped to cater for demand for things like audio and visual technology and catering services – not to mention providing accommodation for guests – one thing that usually has to be bought in for an event is security. And with security personnel comes equipment, most frequently two way radio used to provide mobile communications.

Brentwood Communications hires out two way radio systems directly to event organisers. This often works out cheaper than sourcing equipment from the security company that supplies staff for an event, as they tend to add on their own mark-up.

Going straight to source for your event two way radio has other advantages, too. Brentwood Communications has more than 40 years’ experience supplying the events and hospitality industry. Not only does it guarantee first-class equipment from the biggest name manufacturers, its engineers set up the networks for you as part of the service and make sure everything is working.

Simple solution

One recent contract saw Brentwood supply two way radios for a London Fashion Week event hosted at recently-opened concept boutique The Mandrake. Situated in the heart of trendy Fitzrovia, the 34-bed Mandrake has attracted a lot of attention for its combination of contemporary art exhibits, lavish and eclectic individual designs for every room, and the use of sound scapes and even scents to create a unique atmospheric experience for guests.

A perfectly glamorous location for a Fashion Week event, Brentwood supplied a fleet of Lugra Evolve E55 handsets which meet all the criteria for event hire – low cost, reliable and simple to use.

A spokesperson for Brentwood said: “The key when hiring out two way radios for an event is that you want something that even a novice user can pick up straight away. It isn’t just security personnel who benefit from staying in touch, it is useful for coordinating catering and service, or staff involved in putting on entertainment. It could be the first time staff members have been asked to use two way radio, so you don’t want a model with too many functions or features.

“There are many models that are ideal to hire out for two way radio communication at an event. We choose handsets that are compact, easy to carry as well as easy to use, that offer excellent audio quality and reliable performance. There are often little extras that can make a big difference for people working at an event, such as voice-activated operation (VOX) which means you can use the radio while your hands are full doing something else.”