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Cash In On Easy Outdoor Cooking – Without A Barbecue

Leanne Donovan 9 March 2018
Cash In On Easy Outdoor Cooking – Without A Barbecue

Any catering establishment with a garden or patio area can maximise profits by tempting customers outside and the best way to encourage that is to provide a special, al fresco menu – ideally cooked in sight of diners.

Many operators don’t want to serve traditional barbecue food, especially in light of the well documented rise in healthy eating. Also, when space is limited, barbecues are not always a viable option.

The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to cook al fresco is to invest in a space-saving portable induction hob or contact grill. Both can be used outdoors as long as a convenient power point is available and both are suitable for cooking a wide range of menus. Best of all, they’re ready to cook as soon as they’re switched on and they’re easy to clean and store away.

Pantheon’s highly versatile, plug-in induction hob is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It has a durable stainless steel body and offers 10 temperature settings ranging from 60° to 240° via touch controls.  It also has over-heating protection and an LED timer display.

Pantheon also has a range of contact grills with ribbed or smooth finishes across chrome, cast iron and the latest ceramic models.

Because these items are ready to use virtually instantly and very easy to clean afterwards, they can be utilised as desired without any special planning. Also, they provide a valuable secondary cooking facility, both for front and back of house, for the less clement portion of the year.