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Classically delicious

Hotel Business 20 January 2017
Classically delicious

The combination of sharp lemon and sweet meringue is a match made in heaven. The flavours belong together, yet getting the right proportion of meringue to lemon filling and combining both with the correct crispness of pastry is not an easy task. A proper lemon meringue tarte is time consuming and demanding to make from scratch.

However the pâtisserie chefs at Brioche Pasquier are experts at this sort of pâtisserie perfection, and they have recently introduced two versions of the classically delicious combination. Perfectly portioned for easy catering, the new Tartelettes Citron Meringuées contain tangy lemon filling in a crisp shortcrust pastry base and are topped with a soft and sweet Italian meringue topping.

The individual Tartelette is 100g and arrives frozen in a pack of five. The Tarte is a larger size weighing 1kg and can be cut into 10 to 12 portions with a hot wet knife for precise cuts. The butter rich base remains crisp even after defrosting, giving the perfect dessert every time.

With great visual appeal backed up with the taste and quality of great French pâtisserie, these Citron Meringuée tarts make impressive desserts without the time and effort required to make the offering from scratch.