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Comfort At The Touch Of A Button

Chantell Keston 16 August 2018
Comfort At The Touch Of A Button

Distech Controls will transform how users manage their working environment with the new Allure UNITOUCH™

Distech Controls is set to transform the way building occupants monitor and adapt their environment by placing control more firmly in their hands. The elegant and intuitive Allure UNITOUCH™ is a room controller that offers a revolutionary way of interacting with a space to create a market-leading user experience, for an employee in their office, a guest in a hotel or a teacher in the classroom.

In this new world of connectivity and the IoT, building occupants desire more control over their comfort and wellbeing. The Allure UNITOUCH wall-mounted interface along with the new my Personify App give users that high level of control at the touch of a button.

Temperature, fan speed, lighting and blind control are all features available in this one, attractive-looking device.

Achieving occupancy comfort and well-being are just as important for the building’s occupants as are simple to operate, intelligent controls,” comments Charles Pelletier, Product Management Director at Distech Controls. “The new Allure UNITOUCH is a state-of-the-art room device that will help optimise comfort levels and energy efficiency. The sleek, contemporary design will ensure it’s a great fit for the interior design of every space. With its choice of sensing capabilities including temperature, humidity and CO2, the Allure UNITOUCH is a truly versatile and impressive device.”

Ideal for a variety of commercial, hospitality and public building applications, the Allure UNITOUCH is an easy-to-operate device that can be accessed and operated using its high resolution 3.5” capacitive touch screen or wirelessly from a smartphone using Bluetooth®.

By using the Allure UNITOUCH device, occupants can view and adjust environmental settings to their requirements. This includes fine-tuning the temperature and fan speed settings as well as controlling the light levels and adjusting the sunblinds. The Allure UNITOUCH can also monitor and analyse occupancy data, allowing the settings to be changed and updated whenever an occupant is in the space. Different scenes can also be configured for activities such a meetings or presentations, which may require temporary environmental settings.

Its compact style and slim profile provide a modern design when installed in any setting, but its benefits do not end there. The innovative ECO-Vue Leaf Pattern graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to promote an occupant’s energy-conscious behavior. Occupants are encouraged to have greener habits with the ECO-Vue Leaf Pattern while reducing energy costs. As more leaves appear, greater energy efficiency is being achieved, while fewer leaves will encourage the occupant to take corrective action to optimize the system’s environmental performance.

The Allure UNITOUCH is extremely easy to install and commission. The device is wired to the dedicated subnet port of ECLYPSE series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, freeing up controller inputs. They can also be daisy-chained to one controller for increased range while using less wire thereby reducing material costs in large open space and multi-zone applications. Both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable for reduced installation costs and for easier installation and two RJ-45 ports facilitate the daisy-chain connections of room devices. The Allure UNITOUCH also allows for various mounting options. This user interface is compatible with any ECLYPSE Connected Controller and supports the Distech Controls’ EC-gfxProgram. This makes BMS programming effortless and allows integrators to quickly simply integrate the controller as part of a larger system.

Distech Controls has also used ABC Logic (Automatic Calibration Logic), a patented self-calibration technique that eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications, in its CO2 models. The sensor is designed to work in environments where CO concentrations will drop to outdoor ambient conditions and record baseline readings to monitor irregular levels.

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