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Commitment To Sourcing – Cage-Free Eggs

JodyP 23 September 2019
Commitment To Sourcing – Cage-Free Eggs

In December 2018, Millennium Hotels and Resorts launched a statement confirming its commitment to addressing key issues throughout its business and supply chain, including the ethical and sustainable sourcing of food. We are fully supportive of the industry movement towards cage-free eggs and we are aware that our customers are increasingly concerned about their food sourcing. Our commitment for the UK in 2018 was to eliminate caged eggs from the supply chain entirely by 2020, therefore Millennium Hotels and Resorts has been working with preferred suppliers to improve this and are in the process of finalising suppliers for the UK.

In the meantime, we are extending our pledge worldwide and are committed to exclusively sourcing 100% cage-free eggs, including liquid and shell eggs, throughout our entire global supply chain by 2025 for all owned, managed and franchised hotels. We will also publish this commitment in all major regional languages as well as publicly report on progress annually.

As our 2018 statement noted we continue to work with our hotels and suppliers to ensure we can achieve our commitment considering present challenges in terms of available and affordable supply.

Kian Seng Tan, Interim Group Chief Executive Officer at Millennium Hotels and Resorts commented: “As a leading hospitality group with a global footprint, we are fully aware of the considerable impact we can make in our industry. Our dedication to sustainable food practices is something that we take great pride in, as demonstrated by our commitment to the responsible sourcing of cage-free eggs. Our commitment to positive change, not only for environmental reasons but also to ensure we are providing our guests with products of utmost quality, is, and will continue to be, a huge priority for us.”