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Consumer Searches for Last Minute Holidays up Almost 3%

Zoe 18 July 2013

New research from marketing agency Greenlight has revealed that the search term ‘last minute holidays’ accounted for almost 3% of a total of 4.4million searches made on Google in the UK in May.

The findings were complied in the agency’s latest ‘Holidays Sector Report’, and come on the back of news that travel firms have seen holiday bookings drop due to the unseasonably hot weather. Some in the industry have even speculated that the weather could have the same impact on the travel sector as that of the ash cloud in 2010.

The report highlighted a number of key areas, including most searched-for domestic, short-haul and long haul holiday destination, and the most popular travel websites on which online searches were made.

According to the report, 80% (3.5 million) of holiday searches were made via computers, with 20% (881, 536) on mobile devices.

The term ‘holidays’ was queried 450,000 times and was cited as the most popular option used to search for trips via computers. It was followed by ‘cheap holidays’ (10%), ‘all inclusive holidays’ (3%), ‘last minute holidays’ (3%) and ‘city breaks’ (2%).

On mobile devices, the term ‘cheap holidays’ topped search queries and accounted for 15% (135,000) of holiday-related searches. ‘holidays’ followed with 7%, then ‘last minute holidays’ (4%), ‘all inclusive holidays’ (3%) and ‘weekend breaks’ (3%).

The most visible sites for overall holiday searches in the organic listings were, and, attaining a 53%, 49% and 47% share of visibility, respectively, on computers and 68%, 59% and 53% on mobile devices.

In the paid listings,, and, were the most visible advertisers on computers, acquiring a 69%, 55% and 52% share of voice, respectively.

However, the picture was different on mobile devices, with, and taking the lead, attaining a 73%, 65% and 47% share of visibility, respectively.