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CRAMS – Delighted to Recognise Housekeeping Heroes

Chantell Keston 16 August 2018
CRAMS – Delighted to Recognise Housekeeping Heroes

Understanding and knowledge of the hospitality industry, including their common challenges, explains why CRAMS is sponsoring the York Hospitality Awards.

CRAMS Sales and Marketing Director Jo Thompson said, “My fellow directors and I are exceptionally proud to be sponsoring the Sparkle Award. This commends Housekeepers who are normally in the background of an organisation, inspecting work to ensure standards are met and overseeing the provision of fresh clean linen, and sparkling hygienic bathrooms. Housekeepers play a pivotal part in encouraging guests to want to return time after time because cleanliness counts. Sparkling surroundings makes favourable impressions on guests.”

Jo has worked in and around the hospitality circuit for over 20 years, engaging with most occupations within the industry, particularly housekeepers and chefs with whom she has supported and worked alongside to help them achieve compliant and germ-free environments.

Jo added “Having strong relationships with my customers has enabled me to easily spot common industry frustrations and the one which has kept surfacing time and time again is the difficulties faced with their responsibilities of adherence to Health and Safety compliance and especially the challenges surrounding the completion of meaningful COSHH and Health and Safety task risk assessments”

She continued “Really sensing these difficulties, my team and I decided to explore what we could do to help with this and after conducting extensive market research, we recognised that by providing cloud-based tools to assist with the management of COSHH and Task Risk Assessments and Competency Training, we could help to safeguard clients from incurring potential fines for breaching H&S compliance”

So, in 2015, to provide a solution to customers frustrations, Jo and the team began to innovate CRAMS (an acronym for Comprehensive Risk Assessed Method Statements) More information can be found at

Paul Whiting, head of Visit York at Make It York, also added:

“We’re excited to be launching the brand new York Hospitality Awards to shine a spotlight on the hidden stars of the city’s tourism industry. We have some world-class, award-winning businesses working within York’s hospitality sector, and we recognise this cannot be achieved without the talent and skills of the people who work within them. York’s hospitality sector supports approximately 19,000 jobs so we’re keen to shine a well-deserved spotlight on York’s hospitality stars and give them the recognition they deserve and we  thank CRAMS for sponsoring the Sparkle Award that goes to an individual who maintains the cleanliness and presentation of a venue to the highest standard and we know that Jo, in particular, is delighted that this important role within the industry is being given special recognition.”