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Details can make a difference

Hotel Business 2 February 2017
Details can make a difference

As a wedding and event planning company, our job is to anticipate the needs of our clients, says Charlotte Ricard, Founder and Creative Director of La Fête. As many hotels offer similar services and packages, the way to really set yourself apart is through the details.

First of all, make sure to have an extensive set of questions for your couple to understand them as much as possible (but be careful not to make it an interrogation). Based on their answers you will be able to work on the elements that are most important to your couple, whether it be cleanliness, presentation, staff attention or quality of service and food. Each couple will be different and you will need to adapt.

A nice idea is to try and learn from your couple some detail for their guests and for their own room. This could be anything from a postcard, candle, personalised hangers or even a hangover kit. These will not cost much but they will definitely be appreciated and create a lasting memory, which is what you want.

On the day, make sure that you have a manager that keeps an eye on the level of service, as well as checking that the general ambiance and feel of the wedding party is in line with what was discussed with the couple initially. Based on the prior discussions, if any guests start to get out of hand, the manager will know exactly what to do.

Never hesitate to take command in these situations, your couple won’t notice it if done well, however if you don’t act, that guest could ruin the evening.