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Effortlessly Turn Food Waste into Compost

JodyP 17 April 2019 1 comment
Effortlessly Turn Food Waste into Compost

Compostapack launch ‘Food Waste Composting System’ at Farm Shop & Deli Show 2019

Enterpack Ltd, specialist provider of food packaging solutions for the catering industry, launches Compostapack, the revolutionary food waste composting system for the food industry, at this year’s Farm Shop & Deli Show.

Compostapack is a new food waste composting system that processes food scraps, meat products, peelings, fish waste, soft bones, and most other left-over foods, as well as compostable cardboard and food packaging, turning everything into nutrient-rich compost in just 24 hours.

Now all food businesses can directly control their own recycling of food waste, and compostable packaging. This means that restaurants, farm shops, hospitals and a diverse variety of other food businesses can now totally recycle waste on site, turning it into a truly unique product.

Composting food scraps dramatically helps reduce the creation of methane gas at landfill, one of the gases that contributes significantly to global warming. By composting food scraps in a food waste composter, methane gas release can be reduced. The unit is also installed at the food waste source, eliminating the need for transportation and consequently helping reduce the carbon footprint.

As part of the overall system Compostapack offers an exciting range of fully compostable food packaging trays, ‘top films’ and sealing machines which have many applications and are fast becoming the packaging of choice of food producers, fast food firms, sandwich manufacturers and other convenience food manufacturers.

The compost from the Compostapack composters will be nutrient rich and can be used in various horticulture applications in a 1:10 compost to soil ratio. Compost can be used in gardens or horticulture applications as fertilizer to grow a variety of crops.

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