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Emerging Trends For Hotels & Boutiques

Leanne Donovan 15 November 2017
Emerging Trends For Hotels & Boutiques

James Dedrick, Head of Trade at bed retailer Feather & Black, discusses the emerging room trends in the boutique and mainstream hotels, and how interior designers and hoteliers are keeping up…

With social media being such an influencer on how consumers spend their money, creating engaging content is key for businesses. For the hotel industry this means creating beautiful, eye-catching rooms. The use of luxurious fabrics, impressive statement pieces and an injection of bright, vibrant colours are proving to be a winning formula when it comes to enticing followers on social media. Of course, a classic style will always remain timeless but for hotels, these bold displays are allowing them to be set apart from the crowd.

The formulaic corporate styling you are traditionally used to seeing in hotels is being pushed out to create spaces for guests to sit and dine in that are more akin to living rooms than bedrooms. With the trend being to move away from having the same layout in each room in favour of having individual room designs. Along with mixing and matching the furniture and using unexpected textures and colours this is providing guests with a unique and much more memorable experience.

A hotel can be an inspiring place for consumers who often take a clever or stylish idea away with them to replicate in their own home as souvenirs of an enjoyable stay. Hotel designers are aware of this and are incorporating homely features into the commercial space. Achieving an effortless style with carefully considered accessories such as a characterful bedside trunk or a luxurious velvet cushion.

Finally, hotels are starting to tell their own story through their guest rooms. The location and culture surrounding the venue are no longer being overlooked.  Designers are becoming increasingly aware of linking the interior to the historical context of the building and the environment.