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The Excellence Of Ritmonio’s Shower & Wellness Program

Leanne Donovan 13 December 2017
The Excellence Of Ritmonio’s Shower & Wellness Program

Organizing in a functional and pleasant way the shower room means that you can enjoy an authentic comfort experience.

Thanks to the very vast amount of combinations available with Ritmonio’s product, designing a customized environment is possible: shower heads, shower columns, waterfalls and much more, are made to satisfy many different needs.

The sensations, perceptions and positive emotions felt by the people within the shower area are factors that the Company has always taken into account in order to be able to offer flexible, versatile, linear and refined solutions, easily adaptable to different contexts, whether it is a home or a spa.

Contemporary style and design distinguish this approach to daily well-being, as well as technological components of cutting-edge products.

Several types of chromotherapy shower heads, for example: rain, waterfalls or nebulizing mist release the energy of the water combined with coloured lights, amplifying the pleasure of the user; furthermore, the feel good handles, allows you to choose the most suitable combination.

Thanks to their essential shapes, also the shower columns provide the bathroom with a great look, glamorous and refined at the same time.

Ritmonio makes the user at the centre of the attention, focusing his habits. Ritmonio confirms its position as ambassador of innovations, providing interpretations of style that become trend. A partner able to provide a great support for the design of wellness areas.