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Feeling the Heat?

Diana Szpytma 6 July 2018
Feeling the Heat?

Tropical heat and classically Hot profits – Eliot’s launch RTD Cocktails

With a reputation as the leading RTS brand, GW drinks the home of Eliot’s introduces ready to drink sizzling summer cocktails.

A favourite for almost 2 decades, Eliot’s known for their delicious on demand winter warmers adds a new dimension to summer. The highly anticipated launch of Eliot’s cocktails brings ready to drink in seconds, premium perfectly blended cocktails to publicans – just in time to maximize summer sales.

Formulated and perfected here in the UK the launch of Eliot’s cocktails has been a long journey with quality ingredients and exclusive recipes. Head of manufacturing, Award Winning wine maker Martin Fowke comments “ We wanted to create something as memorable as our winter flavours. As our mulled wine has become the taste of Christmas, we wanted to perfect the blend of a cocktail that is the taste of summer”

Indeed the journey for the perfection blend has been achieved. Eliot’s launch ready for summer with 2 mouth wateringly delicious cocktails Gin Sling and Rum Punch available in Eliot’s true style; Ready to Drink, so all you need to do is serve.

Delivered ready to drink, Eliot’s Gin Sling, a refreshing unique blend of premium gin, elderflower and citrus notes provide everything that would expect from this famous American cocktail and a lot more. Classical by its reputation yet distinguished with Eliot’s unique recipe the cocktail each and every time delivers the perfect balance of sweet and sour and at only 7.5% this tall cocktail will leave the customer wanting more. A completely refreshing, summer beverage.

In contrast to the allure of the classic sharp refreshing taste of the Gin Sling, Eliot’s Rum Punch takes you on a tropical journey of exotic fruits, rich premium rums and passion. Rich in colour and rich in flavour this 7.5abv offers an invigorating experience with each sip. Tropical fruits and oranges blended with Caribbean rum capture the very essence of summer in a fast delivery serve time.

GW Drinks Commercial Director Fraser Henderson comments on the new range “The Eliot’s cocktails really are a stunning addition to our RTS and RTD drinks. We have chosen these 2 favourite flavours to launch with as they appeal to all consumers and the repeat sales factor with both offerings is high”. Fraser further comments “ We spent a lot of production time on what were the best Bag in Box sizes to offer as our customers run from smaller public houses to far larger event managers. Offering 3L, 10L and 20L we are confident we can meet all requirements”.

As Fraser comments, the BRAND NEW Eliot’s Ready to Serve cocktails are available in 3 staggered sizing options 3 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre . Each delicious, perfectly blended cocktail can be served by you in seconds, boasting high churn on sales, no queuing and high margins.

For more information or to place your orders for Eliot’s Cocktails , which are available to order NOW, please email or call 07795155098