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First Things First: Looking For Freebies And ‘Breaking-In’ The Bed Revealed To Be Top Hotel Priorities

Leanne Donovan 9 February 2018
First Things First: Looking For Freebies And ‘Breaking-In’ The Bed Revealed To Be Top Hotel Priorities

New research has revealed Britons top habits when it comes to staying away from home in a hotel room, with using the toilet, hunting for freebies and ‘breaking-in’ the bed topping the list. What’s more, 9 in 10 Britons revealed that the quality of their hotel room ‘seriously impacted’ whether they had a good break or not.

One in five UK adults will use the toilet first and foremost when they arrive at their hotel room, whilst one in six admit their priority is hunting for freebies and one in eight prefer to test out the bed with their partner, according to latest research from an online hotel comparison site.

The team behind polled 2,139 people aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom stated that they had stayed in a hotel at least once in the past 12 months, whether in the UK or abroad, in order to determine top hotel habits. The survey was conducted anonymously to encourage participants to be honest about their habits.

To begin with, all respondents were asked ‘Do you have a routine that you stick to when you first arrive at your hotel room?’ to which over three quarters of respondents (78%) of respondents revealed that ‘yes’ they did. Wanting to find out more, researchers asked all participants ‘Typically, what is first thing you find yourself doing when you enter your hotel room?’ with the following 10 answers emerging as the most common:Use the toilet – 19%

  1. Use the toilet – 19%
  2. Hunt for freebies – 15%
  3. ‘Break-in’ the bed with a partner – 12%
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi – 11%
  5. Dump luggage and go off exploring – 9%
  6. See what TV channels are available – 7%
  7. Inspect the room for cleanliness – 6%
  8. Take a shower – 6%
  9. Order room service – 5%
  10. Nap – 4%

Those who stated that they ‘break-in’ the bed were asked why it was they decided to do this before anything else, with ‘get caught up in the excitement of being away from home’ (54%) topping the list, followed by participants saying they weren’t able to do it very often in everyday life (37%) and wanting to be intimate without having to worry about noise coming in third (9%).

Furthermore, with so many confessing to hunting for freebies, all respondents were asked if they ever take anything home with them from their hotel room, to which 74% of respondents admitted that ‘yes’ they do. The top items to take were discovered to be ‘shampoo, conditioner and shower gel’ (33%), ‘batteries from the TV remote’ (27%) and ‘refreshments e.g. tea, hot chocolate’ (22%)

Finally, all respondents were asked how much a hotel room impacted their holiday or break away, with 9 in 10 (91%) revealing it ‘seriously impacted’ how they felt their holiday or break went, and that if the room wasn’t up to their standards it could ruin the whole experience.

A spokesperson for hotelscan commented:

“It’s always interesting to see how hotel habits differ from person to person; especially how much importance they place on the hotel itself. You might only use your hotel room for sleeping, but you want it to be comfortable, clean and up to your standards. Maybe that’s why so many choose to get frisky before going out and exploring, to check that the bed itself is as comfortable as it looks.”