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Fitness regime

Hotel Business 6 July 2016
Fitness regime

Fitforkeeps-03The hotel room is often seen as a restful place where guests can unwind at the end of the day. But as exercise increasingly becomes part of our daily routine, how can hotels cater for guests who prefer calorie burning to room service and want to break into a sweat away from the glare of the communal hotel gym?

Two women from Leeds, West Yorkshire, have come up with a compact product which could change the face of hotel fitness. The Tuffit ® is a neat bit of exercise equipment combining cardio and resistance training without compromising on style. From toning legs to sculpting arms, it features two platform heights and comes with resistance bands from 2-23kg to work every muscle group.

There’s a handy storage drawer to store the CoreCurve®, a removable cushion for the abdominal workout, and to keep accessories hidden. When it’s not being used, the Tuffit looks like a stylish piece of furniture which will blend in effortlessly with any decor.

It’s the brainchild of Jenny Garside and Sarah Lambley. In 2014, they set up their company Fit for Keeps® and earlier this year, the Tuffit was born. Its name is a play on the nursery rhyme and Little Miss Muffet certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with the plush upholstered finish. Guests can access 150 free personal training workout programmes via the Fit for Keeps website or app, designed by personal trainer Jenny, a multi-titled figure champion.

“We didn’t have space for a gym or exercise area so the Tuffit provides us with the ideal solution for training needs whilst not being obtrusive or difficult to use,” says client Tim Thomson, owner of Harrogate’s serviced apartments the Phoenix Rooms.

“Guests can keep up their fitness regime without having to leave their room”

For further information visit their website.