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Fostering the Impression of Luxury Across Your Hotel Chain

JodyP 1 July 2019
Fostering the Impression of Luxury Across Your Hotel Chain

While achieving the impression of luxury in one of your establishments is an achievable feat for any hotel owner, ensuring a consistent opulence across your chain is another task entirely. With a focus on practicality and style, today we’ll be exploring how uniformity across your hotel chain is the key to ensuring a 5-star experience every time.

Set the tone with the reception area

Any guest will tell you that the first few minutes of arriving at your hotel is when they begin to form an opinion of your brand, so this is your first chance to make a positive impression. Consistency is crucial to success here – especially for repeat visitors. If they’ve visited any of your other hotels, they’ll be used to a certain level of service when they walk through those doors, and it’s essential this is replicated across your chain.

In the interest of familiarity, your lobby area should be instantly recognisable, allowing guests to immediately associate the space with your brand. From the reception desk and logos to flooring and artwork, you’ll want guests to feel right at home from the get-go. Knowing what to expect from staff is important, too. If you offer a porter in one hotel, this service should be offered across the board to ensure your guests don’t feel disappointed during their visit.

Put comfort first in bedrooms

The most important area of any hotel will always be the bedroom, and this is where your brand can really shine – but you don’t need to spend big to achieve a sense of luxury. While decor will play a part, it really is the little details that give guests that true home-away-from home feeling – so it’s worth ensuring staff across all of your hotels are onboard with this core company value.

From the way your housekeeping staff turn down the bedding to the frequency at which you provide fresh towels, these small touches can really make all the difference in the way your hotel chain is viewed by guests – so you’ll want to ensure consistency here, too. If you decide to implement changes in one hotel, this should be reflected in all other locations in order to meet expectations.

Ensure mealtimes are an organised affair

When it comes to serving food, this can make or break a hotel’s reputation. Guests will be expecting quality food and exceptional service – and this starts behind the scenes. A messy kitchen will lead to chaotic situations, especially during peak busy periods, so organisation is crucial to ensuring your food service runs like a well-oiled machine. From sturdy and practical shelving that allows you to see products at a glance to minimalist food prep stations to encourage efficiency, coordination is absolutely critical for success.

In the restaurant, servers should be easily identifiable by their uniform and it’s worth considering assigning different wait staff to different areas of the restaurant, so that no one person is left feeling overwhelmed by the number of people they’re serving. If problems do arise, make sure they’re dealt with in a timely and efficient manner to restore faith in your service.

Let your corridors do the talking

Last but certainly not least, you should consider the corridors to be a key part of your hotel’s overall aesthetic. Whether you’re a fan of chandeliers or wall lights, an ambient glow will work best here, and you’ll want to make sure this lighting style is reflected in the corridor design of each of your hotels. Of course, practicality is the first function of lighting, allowing your guests to navigate the halls of your hotel no matter the time of day or night.

In the interest of simplicity for guests, access points should be clearly labelled and easily identifiable. If music will be played in the corridor area, this should be a softer sound and kept low, in order to not disturb sleeping guests. By marrying practicality with visual appeal, you can ensure the corridors feed into the holistic luxurious experience you’re hoping to foster when people stay at any one of your hotels.

From the reception area and dining hall to the bedrooms, creating a uniformed experience for guests in your hotels is the key to success across your chain.

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