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Get Connected with the Right WiFi

Zoe 29 May 2013

John KyrillouJohn Kyrillou, head of sales leisure, Exponential-e explains how important fast, reliable WiFi is to every type of hotel guest

What kind of internet access do guests expect at hotels now?

It’s become a core element of a full service hotel offering, just as a decent bed or a great shower is. A solid internet connection is also a must have for any event or meeting organiser when it comes to scoping out a hotel for an important event. Having high-speed business grade internet that can be a service to both guests and hotel conference venues is a strong and necessary weapon to have in any hotel arsenal, making them infinitely more marketable and driving revenues.

How has the impact of the use of multiple devices affected the industry?

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have meant traditional internet connections such as ADSL and copper networks traditionally deployed by hoteliers across the UK are no longer viable. Given the nature of the hotel business it is inevitable that all of these devices will be used to download data hungry content such as video and live television meaning that a high bandwidth, always-on Ethernet network is more important than ever before.