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Ground-Breaking Virtual Reality App For Luxury Hospitality & Travel Sector With BOOK NOW Feature!

Leanne Donovan 13 October 2017
Ground-Breaking Virtual Reality App For Luxury Hospitality & Travel Sector With BOOK NOW Feature!

VIP Worldwide’s development team have designed, developed and produced a be-spoke Virtual Reality (VR) APP for the luxury hospitality sector, offering multiple virtual experience types, including a direct booking feature. VR demands the attention of your audience like no other medium and the possibilities are endless for hotels, resorts and destinations. Viewers are able to interact and choose the content they want to see therefore, this technology provides brands and destinations a completely new and fully immersive and interactive way of storytelling.

Video is a key influencer of travel decisions as 65% use video when thinking about taking a trip, 67% consult it when choosing a destination, 67% when choosing activities within a destination and 63% use video when deciding on accommodation within a destination. (Source:Google/Ipsos MediaCT 2016)

A recent Google study ran 2 variations of the same advert – a traditional video versus a 360-degree video, the 360 version performed with 41% more earned actions, including subscribes, shares & views. Their immersive and interactive nature increase likes, shares, view-through- rates and total views. (Source: Think With Google/July 2016) As VR generates 41% more earned media compared with traditional video, VIP Worldwide has developed a VR app with hoteliers, hospitality brands and tourist destinations at the forefront to show the resort, destination, area, activities with a specific, ‘call to action’, and direct booking integration.

The VIP VR APP has a built in “BOOK NOW” feature as a ‘call to action’ throughout the APP experience which takes the viewer straight to the booking engine. Adding the “Book Now” button enables us to track all bookings made from viewing the virtual reality video content via a referral link through a booking page.

The APP which can be tailored to suit all requirements, includes intuitive layouts, a Manual and an Automatic VR tour and VR experiences, on and off property. A range of brand digital collateral and information points can also be programmed within the App.

Viewers are able to view the tours via a VR headset for a virtual experience, or on smartphone, tablet and PC. Applying simple movement and pausing to look at a feature the user can navigate from restaurant to spa to the beach and beyond. From walk throughs of a hotel or resort, to exploring every aspect of the property room by room, suite by suite to off property guest experiences and exploring the local destination.

The multiple VR experiences can also take the viewer off property to some of the most popular guest excursions and attractions. The VR APP would be perfect for tourist boards who want to show off scope and breadth of activities, excursions, experiences and natural beauty to promote a destination. The advantage of this technology is that you can take your destination or resort anywhere in the world with you for people to take a “virtual vacation”

The app is streamlined and simple to use, you mostly click one button to get into the experience so it requires very little input from the user. This helps users to focus on the actual content rather than figuring out what they need to do or where they need to look to click to activate something in the tour.

VIP Worldwide’s VR APP Capabilities

• Direct booking integration (“Book Now” allows people to go directly a booking page)

• It works online and offline (can download videos locally for later offline use or uses static images if no video can be loaded) auto tour requires no user interaction
• Local storage of video content (view the entire experience without internet connection)
• Links off to client websites and can link off to social media platforms
• Can embed none 360 video content (so a complimentary video for the location or destination could play as a trailer for example)
• Locations can be searched to find exactly what you want to see in the location list
• In VR menu systems, so viewers don’t need to come out of the VR experience to view something else
• Social sharing integration for the individual videos on the app.

David Beasley, Chief Executive Officer, VIP Worldwide comments:

“We capture the user’s attention through cinemagraphic techniques that communicate the “call- to-action. Putting guests at the centre of the story is changing the way a guest experiences, interacts and engages within the hospitality and travel industry. Travellers seek engagement in many different ways and VR is also such an incredibly social and exciting experience offering unique storytelling possibilities.”

Download a VIP Worldwide VR APP here;

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Las Ventanas al Paraiso APP;

Iphone: al-paraiso- vr/id1289663335?ls=1&mt=8

Or Android here:

VR 360 Video example; (Ty Warner Mansion)

VIP Worldwide have developed virtual reality experiences for; Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Las
Ventanas al Paraiso, Mexico, Ty Warner Mansion, Four Seasons Biltmore, Santa Barbara and San
Ysidro Ranch, California.

For more information please visit: