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Hospitality And Catering Industry Alert: Don’t Let Your Business Pour Money Down The Drain!

Leanne Donovan 12 January 2018
Hospitality And Catering Industry Alert: Don’t Let Your Business Pour Money Down The Drain!

Following the success of their Dirty Dozen poster campaign, Waste Water Service Provider UKDN Waterflow has returned with a great new infographic for 2018.

We’re all looking for a fresh start to the New Year. However a build-up of fats, oils and other problematic ingredients from the Christmas period can cause major issues in our drains. The dangers don’t end there though. It’s vital that business owners get on top of their pipe and septic tank maintenance to avoid debilitating issues that could bring any restaurant, hotel or café to its knees.

You’re probably here because you’re keen to keep your business in the black. However, all this hard work can be wiped out overnight if you have a major problem with your plumbing or your septic tank. I know it’s a bit grim, but getting some checks and following a few simple principles could save you from feeling the pinch in your pocket.

Thankfully, the folks at UKDN have put together a smart new infographic to show you how to be a step ahead of the game. With the days shorter and the weather worsening, getting on top of your pipes could help avert a New Year disaster.

UKDN gives five top tips to be aware of:

1) Know the location of your property and its flood risk, particularly if you’re planning on purchasing a new business. Ensure you’re prepared appropriately for any scenario this winter.

2) Keep on top of your hotel’s maintenance. If left alone, small problems can quickly escalate and cause you major issues down the line, particularly if you have an old property.

3) Make sure the pipes you’re responsible for are spick-and- span. You’ll carry the hit alone if something goes wrong.

4) Find out if it’s a mains sewer or a septic tank which serves your property. If it’s the latter, then regular cleaning will save you a shedload down the line.

5) Be mindful of the Dirty Dozen; UKDN’s twelve things no business person should ever allow to drop down the sink to avoid ugly fatbergs building up in our sewers.

That’s enough from me for now. Why not have a look at this fantastic infographic to find out more and head over to the UKDN site to see how you could be protected this winter. You won’t regret it.