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Hospitality Gifting Leaders, Giftpro Are Aiding Reforestation Efforts Whilst Helping Hotel & Restaurant Owners Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

JodyP 17 September 2019
Hospitality Gifting Leaders, Giftpro Are Aiding Reforestation Efforts Whilst Helping Hotel & Restaurant Owners Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Giftpro is helping alleviate the growing pressures that business owners within the hospitality industry are facing to clean up their carbon footprint. Giftpro provide innovative gift voucher management tools and are the first and only company within the space to offset all of their web hosting, packaging and transport emissions with carbon credits.

Giftpro is a Hampshire based software provider offering online gift voucher management solutions to hotels, restaurants and spas across the country. Their clients, including Hoteliers, Restauranteurs and Experience Operators, are feeling the pressure that is currently on the UK hospitality industry to dramatically reduce the negative environmental impact their sector is having on the planet. Giftpro is keeping ahead of the curve in the fight against climate change by using carbon-neutral web hosting provided by Nimbus Hosting and working with Swiss climate protection partners, MyClimate to offset the emissions produced from the entire production and transportation chain of their physical gift voucher packaging. By working with MyClimate, Giftpro is contributing to rainforest reforestation projects that are reducing firewood usage by 30-50% in 30 countries across the world.

The hotel industry alone is responsible for 1% of the entire world’s carbon emissions and a call in recent years by the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) to cut the sector’s carbon footprint by 90% by 2050, has put pressure on restaurants and hotels to make positive changes; a responsibility that also extends to the industry’s suppliers. A report by UK Hospitality suggests that the industry has the potential to increase in size by 23% by 2020, reaffirming the importance of these industries choosing to work with environmentally conscious suppliers. Hotel and restaurant owners have been able to make responsible switches with relative ease in recent years across many business areas. These include eco-friendly laundering services and the offering of local or ‘grown-on-site’ produce offered on restaurant menus. However, despite the wide use of online systems in the hospitality space, very few software providers are demonstrating environmentally friendly business practices.

“Our mission at Giftpro is to always ensure that as a business, we are working towards giving back more than we take. It’s these company values first and foremost that drove us to build an environmentally conscious brand and product. Fulfilling gift voucher orders here at our offices means we have a tangible, daily reminder of how much of an impact our business activities have on the environment. Hundreds of boxes containing packaging and stationery items arrive with us each year. Compensating all emissions associated with our packaging and providing carbon neutral web hosting means that the environmental impact of everything that a Giftpro customer uses and receives is offset.”  Will Howard, Managing Director.

Giftpro is a customisable, user-friendly online store that allows hotels, restaurants, spas and other venues to sell and manage gift vouchers. Leaders in the hospitality gifting space, their clients include The Ivy Collection, Harbour Hotels, Artist Residence, The Pig and Searcys. Giftpro was born from a deep love of hospitality and a firm belief that any brand, big or small, should be able to give their customers a digital experience they’ll love.

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