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How Does Coffee Affect Your Guest Experience?

JodyP 30 August 2019
How Does Coffee Affect Your Guest Experience?

A survey conducted on 1000 UK hotel guests found that 30% said that they would not consider returning to a hotel which served poor tasting coffee. So it comes as no surprise that there is a correlation between good coffee experience and guest satisfaction.

A modern hotel guest expects decent-quality coffee to be available during their stay. The fact of the matter is; coffee – for many – is a universal need. Being able to cater to that need may be the outlining reason that makes your hotel stand out from all the rest.

Coffee machines are often associated with being expensive investments. However, as the coffee culture has grown by a tremendous amount, coffee machine suppliers have provided solutions to make buying coffee machines more inexpensive. Nowadays, hotels can rent or lease coffee machines and pay a monthly fee to pay off the cost of the machine, with added benefits such as maintenance and training as part of the contract.

Investing in coffee machines in each hotel room, or even solely in communal areas, not only provides other potential avenues for more revenue, but it can make guests appreciate the level of service your hotel provides.