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How to Run More Effective Meetings

Diana Szpytma 9 October 2018
How to Run More Effective Meetings

Long, tiring and possibly unproductive meetings sound familiar? These common issues can be significantly ironed out by focusing on preparing an environment which suits the team and implementing the correct technology to boost efficiency overall.


Prior to any meeting, issue an agenda to all employees who will be present. This way the key purpose of the discussion can be communicated and allows the correct preparation to be carried out beforehand.

Time and Duration

Meetings tend to be where the most crucial business decisions are made, therefore it is important to schedule these discussions at a time when participants will be on top form. Research shows meetings held in the morning are significantly more productive than those held at the end of the day. As 5pm draws closer, going home naturally becomes the main focus, distracting from the meeting which can have a negative impact.


The average person’s attention span is less than half an hour before their mind wanders to another topic. If meetings are too long it is likely the information being presented will not be absorbed. To ensure full concentration throughout, incorporate frequent breaks into your meeting agenda. This gives employees the opportunity to revitalise and will ensure engagements levels are maintained once they return. Emails for instance can also be checked during this break.


The setting in which a meeting is based plays a big part in the successfulness of the outcome. An uncomfortable room will create unnecessary distractions. For instance, access to natural light is an essential factor and will leave employees feeling more energised and focused in comparison to a more dark dingy room. While comfortable supportive seating promotes longer discussions and encourages employees to stay motivated.


Maximising every minute of meeting time can be difficult, especially with technology glitches often slowing down productivity. Use a wireless presentation system such as Click Share for a quick start and therefore a smooth delivery of the agenda planned. Click Share allows your laptop or device to quickly be connected through Wi-fi so no timewasting is involved.


Once compete, essential action points should be agreed across the team to drive progress on the areas which have been approached throughout the session. These points can then be revisited and monitored at the next meeting.

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