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How to Specify The Perfect Flooring For Your Hotel

Diana Szpytma 29 August 2018
How to Specify The Perfect Flooring For Your Hotel

Comments from David Bigland, managing director, Moduleo UK and Eire

Over the past few years we’ve seen greater demand for quality, design-led flooring in the hospitality sector as increasingly hotels are embracing the latest interior design trends.

In the past a choice had to be made between beauty and functionality, but now, thanks to advances in LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles), hotels can have the best of both worlds.

Popularity of luxury vinyl flooring is on the rise and this can be chalked up to a few things; ease of installation, price point and minimal maintenance post-installation. It offers the epitome in design and durability that isn’t afforded with its natural counterparts and for areas with particularly high footfall, it is a very cost-effective alternative, due to its easy upkeep- requiring just a simple brush or mop to preserve the quality.

This is a particular advantage of click styles, whereby planks or tiles click into place like a jigsaw, so if one plank is damaged it can be replaced easily without affecting the rest of the floor. The easy maintenance of LVT makes it much better value in the long-term, regardless of upfront costs.

Take a load off

Key considerations when selecting flooring are the weight of furniture that will be in the space and how much footfall it will receive. The scuff and stain-resistance properties of quality vinyl flooring mean that the floor’s integrity will be maintained regardless of how many customers come through the door or how they use the space.

Getting in the zone

Zoning was a significant trend throughout 2017 whereby designated spaces were established using bespoke flooring patterns. It’s a great way to create the feel of specific areas in open-plan establishments.

By utilising latest technologies in floor manufacturing, reception, bar and restaurant areas can easily be separated with a mixture of textures and colourways in order to distinguish spaces and give them identity whilst still retaining consistent flow throughout.

Zoning with flooring can maximise available space too, so rather than making a statement with furniture, which will take up valuable floorspace, an impact can be instantly created with bold shapes and striking colours.

Geometric and monochrome patterns have become increasingly popular too and with a collection of products, such as Moduleo Moods, people can create a world of unique floor designs through the range of colourways and patterns available.

A great example of this is the Antwerp Radisson Blu which recently underwent renovations to its beautiful oval banquet hall. Chevron flooring was used to create a bespoke large octagon in the centre of the room which is truly unique.

The installation, which was described as a masterpiece, is far more maintenance-friendly than real wood, because of the flooring’s water-resistant properties. It is non-abrasive and less susceptible to damages, yet still boasts the authentic knots, grains and detail you would expect from its natural alternative.