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In-Room, Bespoke IV Therapies Help Hotel Guests Make a Speedy Recovery

Diana Szpytma 10 October 2018
In-Room, Bespoke IV Therapies Help Hotel Guests Make a Speedy Recovery

London hoteliers who find themselves with unwell guests can now offer a fast-acting intravenous drip therapy from The IV Doc™ delivered directly and discreetly in the privacy of their room.

The IV Doc has a range of therapy fluids and vitamin infusions designed to offer fast, effective relief from flu, hangover, jet lag, food poisoning and fatigue. Each treatment is tailored to suit individual guests, following a consultation with a medical consultant to establish the symptoms and best treatment option.

The IV Doc is already a regular visitor to selected London hotels coming to the assistance of business travellers and holidaymakers who have arrived in London feeling exhausted or unwell.

Why IV?

Intravenous treatments are completely and rapidly taken up by the body and results can be very quick. Compare to oral intake of fluids and vitamins – which have an absorption rate of at best 50%-60% – IV hydration is 100% absorbed, making it the fastest way to replenish needed fluids and electrolytes.

Diverse range

The IV Doc offers a diverse range of hydration treatments all of which can be further boosted with a selection of supplement vitamins and antioxidants including Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex or a Multivitamin Cocktail. In addition, the IV Doc™ can provide medication in the IV drip if required. Popular options for hotel guests include:

  • Anti-oxidant IV Therapy       £449

  • Flu Relief IV Hydration Therapy £449

  • Jet Lag Relief IV Hydration Therapy £419

  • Food Poisoning Relief IV Hydration Therapy £339

  • Revive IV Hydration Therapy £319 – the ultimate hangover cure

  • Cleanse IV Hydration Therapy £249 – to refresh and rejuvenate

It is easy for guests to summon The IV Doc: they simply log onto or call 0800 1126 126 to book their appointment. After a telephone consultation with the IV Doc medical practitioner, a bespoke treatment is prepared, and a highly skilled nurse despatched to the hotel to administer the treatment which typically takes an hour to complete.

Tried and tested

The IV Doc was established in the US in 2013. Following huge success there, it recently set up in London to help residents, guests and visitors in the city. As well as treating jet lag and illness, the IV Doc also has rejuvenating and beautifying treatments to give a ‘red carpet’ glow – ideal for guests in London for a wedding, gala event or celebratory evening.

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