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Jacobs Douwe Egberts Taps Into The Personalisation Trend With The Launch Of The New Cafitesse Excellence Touch And Cafitesse Excellence Touch Compact

JodyP 22 May 2019
Jacobs Douwe Egberts Taps Into The Personalisation Trend With The Launch Of The New Cafitesse Excellence Touch And Cafitesse Excellence Touch Compact

Jacobs Douwe Egberts are responding to clear consumer trends with the launch of their new Catfitesse Excellence Touch coffee machines this spring.

The new machines from Douwe Egberts boast ground breaking touchscreen technology, which means consumers can now quickly and easily choose from a wide range of coffee-shop style drinks, and more importantly adapt the strength and volume of their chosen coffees to perfectly match their tastes, simply with the swipe of a finger.

Cafitesse Excellence Touch and Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch offer the same operational performance benefits of the much- loved Cafitesse range. Designed specifically for use by professional caterers, Cafitesse has always been first and foremost about delivering exceptional coffee experiences with a range of great tasting coffees for consumers, and the benefit of speed and efficiency for operators.

The Cafitesse Excellence system delivers a full range of coffee-shop style drinks, from luxurious lattes to frothy cappuccinos, all quickly and efficiently. The new machines add personalisation and fun to the experience. The touchscreen interface can be personalised with messages to suit the needs of each individual operator and can even leave a message for customers when dispensing the coffee, adding a personal touch to their coffee experience.

The overall look of the machine has also been greatly improved with a new contemporary matte finish, ideal for use in front of house locations.

With the creation of a cup of black coffee taking from only 6 seconds, and a cappuccino from just 12 second, both the Cafitesse Excellence Touch and Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch are suitable for any operators who need both quality and volume. The larger machine can brew up to 600 cups per hour, and the Compact machine up to 140 cups per hour, keeping queues to a minimum and satisfying customers coffee needs in the shortest of coffee breaks.

The Cafitesse Excellence System offers clear advantages to hotels, conferencing, large workplace and self-serve canteen environments where fresh coffee is needed quickly, with no waste, no mess, low cleaning times, just fresh hot coffee with the minimum of fuss.

The Cafitesse System is a great alternative to bulk brew coffee machines, high volume bean to cup machines, or three-pint filter machines. The Cafitesse System is ideally suited for any location where speed, quality and customer experience are key. The option to personalise coffee can be turned on or off by operators to maintain control and limit choice where this is appropriate. Operators could even simply offer black or white coffee, for a truly focussed operation.

The new Cafitesse Excellence Touch machines offer a much improved consumer experience, making Cafitesse an intuitive and interactive choice for customers.

Martyn Bell, Category Marketing Manager at Jacobs Douwe Egberts, comments:

“We are extremely proud to launch two ground-breaking evolutions in our range of coffee machines.

“The new developments have been driven by consumer insights which brought to life just how important personalisation and engagement at the point of serve is – our new touchscreen technology will redefine the coffee experience in high quality canteens workplaces and hotels around the country.

“Whilst the consumer experience has been dramatically improved, we haven’t lost focus on the needs of the caterer, we’ve kept all the benefits Cafitesse is famous for, fresh coffee, no mess, no waste, no hassle.”