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Julius Meinl Enhances The Craft Coffee Market With Julius Meinl The Originals

Leanne Donovan 7 July 2017
Julius Meinl Enhances The Craft Coffee Market With Julius Meinl The Originals

For 155 years, coffee roaster Julius Meinl has pioneered small-lot hand roasting and, today, the Viennese company shares its fresh take on a craft coffee offering for hotels, restaurants and cafes across the globe. It is a new offering for Julius Meinl’s prospective and existing customers who strive to achieve a unique specialty coffee experience that celebrates craftsmanship and the origins of the bean.

Today, coffee is treated with the same reverence as fine wine and craft beer. The coffee market will continue to accrue more and more specialty coffee drinkers because once you start drinking higher quality coffee, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Furthermore, consumers (especially millennials) actively seek and enjoy unique experiences that include stories from the origin – where the bean comes from and how it is prepared. With more independent cafes, trendy restaurants and hotels wanting to capitalise on this trend, Julius Meinl The Originals ensures quality with personal engagement, unique taste experience only available in top quality beans, and inspiring story of each artisan behind the coffee.

With the launch of Julius Meinl The Originals, customers will receive the finest coffee beans – a mix of specialty-graded seasonal single origins and espresso blends – along with suitable brewing equipment and point of sale materials. In addition, the Julius Meinl The Originals offering includes a state-of-the-art La Marzocco machine, which helps deliver a quality coffee that even the most discerning coffee aficionados can enjoy.

The coming together of these elements has allowed Julius Meinl to design the ultimate craft coffee offering, which is a natural extension as a global leader in coffee innovation.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the brand’s Head of Innovation and Vice President of the global Specialty Coffee Association, Christina Meinl, explains the thinking behind the latest concept: “With 155 years of heritage in small-lot hand roasting, Julius Meinl knows a thing or two about craft coffee. With its origin in the Viennese coffeehouse culture, Julius Meinl understands how high quality coffee and the unique taste experience can ignite inspiration. Coffee houses are creative spaces – in the past, it was the poets of Vienna and today, it’s the design-conscious creatives.”

Meinl continues: “Today’s specialty coffee drinkers – and those of tomorrow – want to know the story behind their brew to add to their experience. From the farmer harvesting the beans, to the roaster, and then the barista producing the final blend – coffee now provides so much more than a functional benefit of a caffeine hit. We hope that with the launch of our latest innovation Julius Meinl The Originals, we can help our café, hotel and restaurant customers create a memorable coffee tasting experience by shining a light on the origin behind every bean.”

The Austrian-based brand has partnered with La Marzocco, along with a host of other industry partners, to bring the coffee concept to life.

Chris Salierno, Global Marketing Director of La Marozocco says, “It’s not a secret that La Marozocco mixes beautifully designed machines with exceptional functional excellence to deliver superior coffee. It brings the finest speciality coffee equipment, whilst encompassing people, heritage, technology and design.  This, blended with Julius Meinl’s experience in the roasting process ensures that customers achieve a quality coffee, every time with Julius Meinl The Originals.”

Julius Meinl The Original will initially be available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. The brand intends to roll out the offering globally following the launch. For more information about Julius Meinl visit