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Julius Meinl Reignites Relationships This World Coffee Day

JodyP 19 September 2019
Julius Meinl Reignites Relationships This World Coffee Day

Viennese Coffee Roaster Helps People Express Feelings, Explore Relationships & Foster Meaningful Connections For Its Global Initiative Meet With A Poem

Viennese coffee roaster Julius Meinl is encouraging coffee lovers and budding poets in over 25 countries across the world to invest in their relationships with its annual Meet With A Poem initiative.

In today’s always-on digital age, with over 3 billion smartphone users across the world, we are increasingly aware of the need to disconnect in order to reconnect and spend quality time with one another. On average, people check their smartphone once every twelve minutes during waking hours¹ and spend 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking².

Despite this reliance on smartphones, more and more of us are turning to creative activities as a form of self-expression and self-exploration. However, when it comes to our relationships with others, we still rely heavily on technology as a substitute for meaningful, in-person connections.

This World Coffee Day, Julius Meinl has created the perfect remedy to inspire meaningful moments in relationships when we put our phones aside over a cup of coffee and tea.

In response, Julius Meinl is partnering with the founder of the Poetry Pharmacy, Deborah Alma, who provides her clients with creative prescriptions to help them in life and with their relationships.

Alma has developed a poetry guide to help people express their feelings, explore their relationships and foster a meaningful creative connection this World Coffee Day.

In honour of World Coffee Day (1st October), participants across the globe can Meet With A Poem – simply co-write a poem and each claim a free coffee or tea at participating cafes, hotels and restaurants serving Julius Meinl.

A family business with more than 155 years’ heritage, the Viennese coffee roaster has a long history entwined with poetry and literature, as the global ambassador of Viennese coffeehouse culture – historically known for igniting poetic inspiration in artists and writers and offering creatives a space to meet to discuss and share ideas.

As an icon of poetic inspiration, Julius Meinl believes that its coffee is key to help unlock creativity. The roaster’s ambition is to inspire the public to embrace creativity and make the world a better place through poetic inspiration.

Platinum selling singer-songwriter, Tom Odell, has partnered with Julius Meinl for the annual Meet with A Poem initiative. Echoing his own relationship with song-writing, Tom is encouraging consumers to be inspired, and use coffee as creative fuel to express their feelings to others and create meaningful connections this World Coffee Day.

Speaking ahead of the initiative, Tom said: “The digital world brings us closer together but sometimes it can make it harder to maintain genuine connections with those around us. The Meet With A Poem campaign encourages us to take a break from our phones and connect in person.”

To find out more about Meet With A Poem, and how you can be involved, visit and, or Julius Meinl’s YouTube channel. Follow the social conversation using #MeetWithAPoem and #PoetryForChange.