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Lincoln Plaza London And Shiva Foundation To Launch Unique Initiative To Mark Anti-Slavery Day

JodyP 15 October 2019
Lincoln Plaza London And Shiva Foundation To Launch Unique Initiative To Mark Anti-Slavery Day

18th October is Anti-Slavery Day, a reminder to people across the UK that modern slavery and human trafficking are still rife in today’s society. Shiva Foundation is one organisation that has worked tirelessly to tackle this crime, with its Stop Slavery Blueprint successfully introduced across the Shiva Hotels’ portfolio, and shared with external hotels and other stakeholders. As an ongoing commitment to this important calendar event, Lincoln Plaza London in Canary Wharf, part of the Shiva Hotels collection, is now inviting independent hotels to see first-hand how they can help spot the tell-tale signs of human trafficking within their own properties and supply chains.

Modern slavery affects men, women and children; the Home Office estimates that there could be up to 13,000 potential victims in the UK. Many of these are currently being forced to work in the hotel industry. Since it opened in 2018, Lincoln Plaza London has carried out awareness training to give its staff a greater understanding of this ever-growing issue and the practical steps that can be taken to address the risk. So successful has this initiative been, that the property has decided to host a series of standalone sessions for representatives from external hotels throughout the UK, with the first one taking place on 14th November.

Run by Shiva Foundation, these programmes will take an in-depth look at the perpetrators, the victims and the implications of human trafficking for the hotel industry. Finding ways of tackling the problem at grassroots level and exploring practical steps will also form an essential part of the training.

Attendees will be helped to recognise the tell-tale signs of human traffickers operating within their hotels, such as guests paying solely with cash, having limited ID or asking for a room next to a fire exit. Ways of identifying potential victims of human trafficking among staff will also be explored, from being alert to fake CVs and references to noticing when an employee is dropped off and picked up from the same location or unwilling to socialise with their colleagues.

The seminars also give advice on the correct communication procedures for reporting suspicious behaviour, whether this is within the hotel itself or in in the wider supply chain.

Ashley Cole, General Manager, Lincoln Plaza London: “We have worked closely with Shiva Foundation to create a framework that tackles issues of human trafficking and modern slavery. Specifically, we are committed to ensuring our supply chain, labour force and local community are all free from slavery. This initiative has been so successful that we now want to extend it further. By inviting staff from independent hotels to attend dedicated training sessions, the hope is that together we can help eradicate the complex problem of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK hospitality industry.”

The first event will take place on 14th November between 2pm and 4pm in the Clipper Room at Lincoln Plaza London. Reservations can be made via