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London’s iconic Royal Garden Hotel achieves 40% repeat booking rate with Revinate

Diana Szpytma 8 August 2018
London’s iconic Royal Garden Hotel achieves 40% repeat booking rate with Revinate

The Royal Garden Hotel, an iconic 5-star property in West London’s Kensington district, caters to the needs of a diverse range of guests, including families, corporate travellers, and international tourists.

Mark Anderson, Royal Garden’s Deputy General Manager, fell in love with hospitality at an early age and through experience, knows a hotel can’t be reliant on just one particular segment to fill rooms. Instead, you have to nurture multiple guest segments with personalized experiences and communications, turning them into repeat guests.

That’s why the property put its trust in Revinate’s award-winning Marketing and Guest Feedback solutions back in 2015, a decision that has had a positive impact on many of Royal Garden’s key performance metrics over the last three years.

Anderson says, “Revinate has allowed us to much more easily target and nurture repeat guests with special messaging. Powered by the platform’s innovative segmentation capabilities, we now enjoy a repeat booking rate of 40%.”

“By building segments in their database based on booking channel, rate code, and stay patterns, Mark and his team can be confident they are sending the right message to the right audience in a way that feels relevant and meaningful,” says Kelly Robb, Senior Director of Marketing and Growth at Revinate.

Originally built in the 1800s, the Royal Garden Hotel was demolished and completely rebuilt as part of a Labour Government grant in the 1960s. Re-opened in 1965 under its current brand, the hotel is a benchmark of both resilience and constant reinvention. It is only fitting that the management team cares just as deeply about the property’s design, amenities, and staggering views of London’s skyline as it does about how to best deliver the brand promise of making each stay unforgettable.