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Majority Of Holidaymakers Believe Hotels Trump Airbnbs For Value, Cleanliness And Experience

JodyP 30 May 2019
Majority Of Holidaymakers Believe Hotels Trump Airbnbs For Value, Cleanliness And Experience
  • Seven out of 10 holidaymakers (71%) believe hotels offer the same or better value than Airbnbs
  • Only 3%  believe Airbnbs are cleaner than hotels
  • 49% believe hotels offer a more authentic experience vs 24% for Airbnbs
  • Travelling in parties of four or more is the most popular reason for booking an Airbnb whereas few would book one for a business trip

Picking the right accommodation can make or break any holiday whether it’s a weekend getaway to the country, a city break or week by a beach. Airbnb is one of the greatest success stories in the business of hospitality having hosted over 400 million guests since launching 11 years ago, however the debate on preference between an Airbnb or hotel stay continues. has investigated whether British holidaymakers find Airbnbs offer the same standards or better than hotels for various elements including cleanliness, value for money and authentic local experiences.

Surprisingly,’s research revealed seven out of 10 holidaymakers (71%) do not believe Airbnbs provide better value for money compared to a traditional hotel. Although all Airbnb properties must abide by global hospitality standards, only three percent  believe them to be cleaner than hotels, and fewer than a quarter (23%) expect Airbnbs and hotels to offer the same level of cleanliness.

Despite Airbnb priding itself on offering authentic ‘home away from home’ experiences, fewer than a quarter of holidaymakers (24%) feel an Airbnb will provide them with a genuine experience of a city or country compared to staying at a hotel.

Fewer than one in 10 (9%) believe that Airbnbs offer better locations compared to 62 percent who would favour a traditional hotel stay. However when asked which type of accommodation they would prefer for a rural holiday, 41% would opt for a B&B or Airbnb.

Business or leisure? While a hotel stay comes out on top as the preference for all reasons for travel, below is the breakdown of the most popular reasons for booking each accommodation:

Accommodation Most popular for: Least popular for:
Hotel: Business trips Rural getaways
Airbnb: Trips for four or more people Business trips
Hostel: Solo holidays Romantic breaks
B&B: Rural getaways Ski holidays


To view the complete breakdown of Finder’s Airbnb vs Hotel statistics, including gender, age and regional figures please visit: