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More Couples Seeking Country Barn Weddings

Diana Szpytma 2 October 2018
More Couples Seeking Country Barn Weddings

Why Are Barn Weddings So Popular?

It almost seems that every wedding takes place in a barn these days. What is behind the continuing popularity of the country barn wedding?

21st century wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. While once it was a case of the church or registry office followed by restaurant or hired village hall, today, couples can tie the knot at an ever-growing choice of locations, from seaside landmarks to ancient castles.

However, when it comes to the reception, there is one option that stands out above all others. The concept of the country barn is one that seems to have captured the imagination, and just won’t let go. Barn weddings in Essex and the home counties are particularly popular, and venues are being booked months and even years in advance. So what is the big attraction?

Providing a blank canvas

Every bride to be has a mental picture of how she wants the reception to look. The same even applies to a few prospective bridegrooms. The thing about a barn is that it is a blank canvas. Neutral colours, high ceilings, natural materials, it can become anything and everything you want it to be with the use of lighting, flowers and decorations.

The ability to craft everything to the wishes of the bride and groom extends beyond mere décor, however. With a barn wedding, the dining arrangements are wide open. Traditional three-course wedding breakfast? No problem at all. Hog roast and buffet, you’ve got it. One of the biggest draws to the barn wedding is the concept of your day, your way.

Great photo opportunities

There is nothing like nature for providing photo opportunities. Wedding barns are typically set in lush gardens, with wildlife looking on and water features in abundance. It is manna from heaven for the wedding photographer, who will happily spend half the afternoon getting the happy couple to stand by the tree, in the cornfield or, given half a chance, up to their knees in water in the middle of the lake.

An intimate setting

The “your day your way” concept is about more than just fulfilling childhood dreams of getting married like a fairy princess. If everything is the way you want it, and not the way someone else has imposed, everyone can settle back and enjoy the day. This is an opportunity for friends and family to be united on a day of celebration, and the last thing anyone wants is to be standing on ceremony all day. With a barn wedding, the bride, groom and guests can kick back and relish every moment.

Beyond the wedding day

Most wedding barns are situated near or adjacent to a hotel or golf club. It provides the perfect answer to that thorny question of what all the guests are supposed to do once the bride and groom have gone on their way.

Often, there are old friends and family members who have not spent time together for years. The facilities around give them the opportunity to have a proper catch up, and perhaps even a round of golf the following day to blow away the cobwebs.