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Negative reviews impact bookings

Hotel Business 27 September 2016 1 comment
Negative reviews impact bookings

New research has shown that 47% of Britons have abandoned plans to stay in a hotel after coming across a negative review of the establishment online. The survey, carried out by hotel maintenance services provider Novus Property Solutions, found that women are more likely to scrap a booking (47%) than men (43%) as a result of a poor review.

People aged between 45 and 54 were found to be the most likely to cancel a reservation, while the 65+ age category were the least perturbed by bad reviews.

The company’s research, which polled 1,500 people in total, also revealed Britons’ biggest hotel bugbears. The results were as follows:

1. Poor cleanliness (49%)
2. Too much noise (19%)
3. Rude or unhelpful staff (16%)
4. Faulty equipment/facilities (10%)
5. Bad décor (6%)
6. Hot rooms/no air conditioning (<1%)
7. Uncomfortable bed (<1%)

The findings tie in with a report that was recently published by Barclays, which suggested that consumers are more likely to leave feedback/reviews than ever before. 59% of Britons stated that reading about other people’s experiences of an establishment plays a vital part in helping them to decide where to visit or stay.

Jeremy Ford, Strategic Operations Manager at Novus Property Solutions, said the latest survey results further emphasise the importance of garnering positive online reviews.

“For anyone who owns or manages a hotel, first impressions are everything. In the past, guests wouldn’t have been able to judge their room until they stepped inside it, but the growing use of online reviews – as highlighted by our survey findings – has completely changed things,” he commented.

“Now, a large percentage of potential customers are basing their decisions on online reviews, with almost half of the public admitting that they have cancelled a booking having stumbled upon negative feedback. It’s imperative, therefore, that hotels maintain the highest standards 24/7. One bad write-up can cost them vital business, so there really is no room for complacency.”

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