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Nelson Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Bonnie Howard 7 June 2018
Nelson Celebrates 40th Anniversary

A Nelson van circa 1978!

2018 marks Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines’ 40th anniversary and also celebrates the fact that this family owned business has grown extensively over the years. In fact, Nelson is now one of the UK’s leading commercial warewasher suppliers and the only remaining independent brand in the UK.

When the company was founded by the Nelson family back in 1978, a surprisingly large number of establishments were still reliant on washing their dishes with the aid of manual labour and a sink! Dishwashers were few and far between and glasswashers were pretty much unheard of. “The Nelson sales team literally had to carry machines in their vans and demonstrate them to convince sceptical customers that they really could save time and elbow grease,” explains managing director, John Nelson. However, all the effort was worthwhile because the market for automatic dishwashers and

glasswashers started to spiral and Nelson’s expansion began in earnest.

Indeed, the level of growth that the company has enjoyed over the decades has resulted in a much increased workforce (currently a little over 50) and far larger premises. Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines now operates from a 22,000 square foot west London base which incorporates offices, showrooms, a design studio and warehousing.

“Of course, those early machines are very different to those we sell now,” continues John. “Essentially, although they were considered modern at the time, they were worlds apart from today’s sophisticated designs which are based on scientific solutions to sustainability, energy saving and water treatments. As well as that, there are virtually no catering operations left that would even consider the notion of washing by hand now.”  

Nelson’s fleet of largely hybrid vehicles photographed outside the company’s expanded headquarters in 2018

One thing that has been a significant factor in ensuring Nelson’s success is that it has always focused on combining high performance equipment with exemplary customer service – a philosophy which is as important to the company today as it was 40 years ago. Also, as an independent company, Nelson can respond quickly to changing markets and actively develop the areas that customers demand. Comments John, “We were quick to embrace the concept of low energy and water saving machines, for instance, and we’re working towards even greater efficiencies in the near future.”

Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines will be commemorating its 40th anniversary by rolling out a series of customer promotions over the coming months. The company will also be launching a new range of warewashers that promise even more energy and water saving features than its current Advantage range.

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