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Nelson’s New Urban Advantage Dishwasher Packs A Powerful Punch

JodyP 6 February 2020
Nelson’s New Urban Advantage Dishwasher Packs A Powerful Punch

Space is often the most compromised commodity for smaller restaurants and food focused bars and coffee shops meaning that finding a dishwasher that fits an available gap, as well as delivering the necessary reliability and volume, can be a very real problem.

Nelson’s new Urban Advantage undercounter dishwasher, with its integral water softener, has been designed to address this problem. Its small footprint makes it easy to site while its very low noise output means it can comfortably be used at front of house without affecting the surrounding ambience. Most significantly, it delivers the results operators need because, despite its modest dimensions, the Urban Advantage features both a top AND bottom wash & rinse arm giving it the wash power of a much larger dishwasher.

Its intuitive electronic controls make operating it a simple and straightforward process while its programme menu makes it easy to choose the best and quickest option for each load. Detergent and rinse aid, meanwhile, are dispensed automatically.

As with all Nelson Advantage dishwashers, the Urban is exceptionally energy and water efficient. It has a tank capacity of 11 litres yet just 2.5 litres are replaced at the start of every new cycle and rinse water is cleverly recycled within the subsequent wash. To minimise energy consumption, the wash tank, wash chamber, door and boiler are thermo-acoustically insulated and the special door-close system prevents heat and steam from escaping.

Maintenance costs are minimised because, in the event that a problem should occur, the machine has a self-diagnostic fault system. Also, a self-clean programme avoids the need for manual cleaning and commences automatically at the end of service.

The Urban Advantage starts at just £2999.00