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New Budget Boosting Bedding Scheme

Diana Szpytma 10 July 2018
New Budget Boosting Bedding Scheme

After a successful trial, The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division is rolling out its Boost Your Budget Scheme to all new customers.

The initiative allows hoteliers to earn credit towards future bedding purchases when guests use the hotel’s unique code to buy duvets, pillows or toppers from The Fine Bedding Company’s consumer website

Boost Your Budget was conceived on the back of research by The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division that showed 74 per cent of hotel guests would consider buying the same bedding products used by a hotel or guesthouse if they really liked sleeping under them.

20 per cent of respondents said they would definitely buy a hotel’s bedding they liked and 54 per cent said they would definitely consider it.

The decision to create the scheme was further bolstered with positive feedback from hoteliers who were all in favour of benefitting from earning money off their bedding procurement costs by incentivising guests.

Through the scheme, consumers are encouraged to recreate their Fine Bedding Company bedding hotel experience with an exclusive 20 per cent online discount to use on, courtesy of the hotel.  10 per cent of the amount guests spend using the hotel’s unique code (less VAT) is then credited to the hotel against future sales – meaning that hotels can easily boost their housekeeping budgets. For example, if a guest buys a £65 10.5 tog king size Spundown duvet, the hotel will receive around £4.33 in commission (commission is based on net amount with discount). Making it a win-win for all.

The scheme is extremely easy for hotels and guesthouses to implement. The Fine Bedding Company supplies promotional flyers that can be displayed in rooms or in social areas, plus business cards on which the hotel’s bedding and the unique purchase code is printed, for reception to hand to interested guests.  The purchase is tracked via the online code and the hotel receives a percentage of the sale applied as credit to be used on future purchases by the hotel.

Jeanette Sadler, The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division’s business manager, explains: “We listened to our hospitality customers, many of who fed back to us just how popular our products were with customers who were repeatedly asking whether they could buy them. Frequent positive guest reviews commenting on how much they loved our bedding was further encouragement.

“We also polled consumers about their hotel bedding experiences and how much of an influence the quality of their hotel bedding was on their purchasing decisions when they were looking to buy new duvets, pillows and toppers for their own homes.

“And it all showed that was huge demand for the Boost Your Budget scheme.”

Jeanette continues: “The idea is that as guests buy The Fine Bedding Company products online, the hotel’s duvet and pillow ongoing purchases become self-funding.

“We’ve made the initiative as easy as possible for hotels to join, and we provide all of the promotional materials needed to communicate the discount to guests. As we have a consumer website it was a great opportunity for everyone to benefit.

“The Fine Bedding Company brand is highly regarded by consumers and is associated with the ultimate luxurious night’s sleep. Like with many other branded products that now help to convey a luxury experience within a hotel or guesthouse featuring our bedding will complement these messages.”

The scheme is available across The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division’s full product range that includes its popular Spundown duvets and pillows, loved by housekeepers and consumers alike for their washability and quality credentials; its Boutique Silk range that features Smartfil blended with natural silk; Goose Down duvets and pillows and Goose Feather and Down duvets.

It’s also available on The Fine Bedding Company’s innovative new Smartdown duvet and pillow, launched last year, that mimics a luxurious Hungarian Goose Down duvet but uses recycled plastic to create soft silky fibres. The Smartdown collection is made in The Fine Bedding Company’s ECO Factory and has strong environmental credentials. This provides a great ECO message for hoteliers to convey to guests and to offer greener alternatives during their stay.

Toppers and protectors are also included in the scheme and these include Classic Cotton and Spundown Pillow Protectors, a quilted waterproof mattress protector, Spundown Mattress Enhancer and Dual Layer Topper – a product that has been created from the feedback received from hotels around the issues associated with Zip and Link beds. The solution provides the upmost comfort and a product that can convert in seconds from a super king topper to two twin toppers. No storage is required as it eliminates the need to have multiple toppers. It’s also fully washable.

For more information about The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division Boost Your Budget scheme visit or call the team on 0161 864 5610.