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New Solution From Navitas Group Tackles Unsafe Food Allergen Labelling

Bonnie Howard 11 February 2019
New Solution From Navitas Group Tackles Unsafe Food Allergen Labelling

As the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Food Standards Agency (FSA) launch a consultation on amending allergen labelling on food pre-packed for direct sale, food safety group Navitas is rolling out its ready-made solution to tackle potentially unsafe labelling processes in the foodservice industry.

Recent FSA research* highlights that 43% of respondents were concerned about food safety in UK food outlets. Concerns were raised about the accuracy of information on labels and menus, whilst around a quarter of people did not feel confident in asking a member of staff for information about ingredients in food because of a concern about possible allergen or food intolerances.

The Navitas Digital Food Safety system, which is fully integrated with a mobile label printer, provides businesses with a cost-effective, safe and compliant allergy labelling and food safety platform.

Using Navitas technology and software, businesses can not only monitor appliance and food temperatures but also record them, along with ingredients, allergens and use-by dates. Kitchen staff can then print out tailored labels with specific information on the allergens present, together with the date and time the food item was prepared. Navitas software keeps a record of all label information and the details of the staff member who produced it, along with a time stamp ensuring transparency and accountability.

For those who prefer swimming in an ocean of paperwork, managing their day to day tasks and checks on paper, a standalone food allergen labelling software and printer option is also available.

In addition to its digital food safety system, Navitas also offers allergy awareness training designed to give businesses a full understanding of the foods that may trigger allergic reactions and the precautions they need to take to guarantee their customers avoid these. The online course is aimed at anyone in the hospitality industry who prepares, serves or sells food.

Ben Gardner, CEO of Navitas Group comments: “While the consultation on allergen labelling is to be welcomed and is a move we back, our message to the foodservice and hospitality industries is that there are already off the shelf services available to support them in providing safe food allergy labelling and greater food allergy awareness. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, these services enable them to first and foremost give reassurance to customers that their food purchases are correctly and accurately labelled and can also help protect their reputation in the event of any issues after purchase.” safety/labelling