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Nortech’s Feemaster Smart Range Is Cost-Effective Way To Manage Car Park Access

Diana Szpytma 3 April 2018
Nortech’s Feemaster Smart Range Is Cost-Effective Way To Manage Car Park Access

People and Vehicle Access control system specialists Nortech have designed a parking control system which combines both automatic barriers and parking ticket control to manage the use of private and public car parks and is around one fifth of the cost of conventional systems.

Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart range offers a modular solution for a variety of parking management applications from simple car park control to full parking fee management and payment systems. The range includes the FeeMaster Smart Entry Station, FeeMaster Smart Exit Station, and a FeeMaster Smart Console for use inside a building. The console allows staff to control who visits the car park and monitor how long they are parked on site.

Nortech’s FeeMaster Smart parking management system is a flexible, simple and cost-effective way of managing car parking access and controlling validity periods using Mifare smart cards. This avoids the need for expensive cabling between components and minimises disruption.

The FeeMaster Entry Station is designed to be used to record the date and time that a vehicle enters a car park. Located at the entrance of the car park, it issues tickets to visitors as they arrive, with each ticket containing a barcode, serial number and the date and time. Dispensing the ticket triggers an ‘open’ signal to the entry barrier. A Mifare reader is also located on the faceplate which reads Mifare cards which have been issued to long term parkers.

The entry ticket can also be used as a means of allowing exit from the car park if presented to the exit station within the pre-set grace period. This enables such facilities as charge free ‘drop-offs’ (hotels, conference centres etc) as well as charge-free exit where no parking space can be found.

The FeeMaster Smart Exit Station is equipped with both a Barcode Scanner and a Mifare Card Capture Unit. The Barcode Scanner reads both exit tokens issued by the FeeMaster Console as well as short term tickets issued by the Entry Station.

Each ticket is valid for single use at the exit station during the validity period assigned to it. The exit station controller checks the details on the barcode ticket and sends an ‘open’ signal to the barrier.  The Mifare card capture unit captures short term cards issued by the Console and also reads and returns cards to longer term parkers.

The FeeMaster Smart Console is a compact and easy-to-install device that reads barcode tickets issued at the entry station, calculates the fees based on pre-programmed tariff details, and encodes reusable Mifare access control cards with validity data. If necessary, the console can print customer receipts and/or barcode exit tokens. It can also control a till drawer and send a control signal to a vehicle barrier/turnstile.

The console may also be connected to a PC so that transactions can be analysed and additional tariff management features may be used.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind.

Further information is available from Nortech on 01633 485533 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at