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Novus Tea Launches New Nitro Cold Brew Tea Concept

JodyP 5 April 2019
Novus Tea Launches New Nitro Cold Brew Tea Concept

Novus Tea is delighted to launch an innovative new nitro tea concept which is set to take the out-of-home adult soft drinks market by storm.

Novus Tea’s Nitro cold brew tea concept takes all the taste and health benefits of premium leaf teas and infusions, combines them with the naturally sweet, sugar-free advantages of cold brewing, and adds a Nitro-infusion to produce a delicious, chilled, ready-to-serve drink. Novus Nitro will initially be available with two of Novus’s most popular and refreshing cold brew flavours – Persian Pomegranate and Egyptian Mint – with many more to follow.

Allan Pirret, Sales Director of Novus Tea, is enthusiastic about the concept. “It’s really important for operators to have an innovative and healthy range of premium soft drinks aimed at adults as the market is growing fast. Cold brew tea meets these criteria and is proving incredibly popular at the moment. The Nitro infusion introduces a creamy, viscous mouth-feel to the flavours of the tea, raising cold brew tea to an even higher level. The finished drink has a similar feel to a café latte, which has long been a favourite with coffee-loving consumers. Nitro adds a new textural dimension for tea drinkers who will quickly become fans,” he adds.

Operators are set to be as satisfied as their customers when the drinks – as well as their revenues -start to flow. The easy to use, counter top Nitro system needs just a 13-amp socket to operate. Simply connect the bag-in-a-box cold brew tea to the all-in-one packaged system, turn on the tap and watch as the silky smooth chilled drink fills the glass. Unlike other systems there are no bulky gas bottles to buy, store and replace. The system is available to buy outright or on a lease purchase basis; either way, the cost per serving is incredibly low, giving healthy and refreshing profits from day one!

The importance of offering lower sugar and lower calorie soft drinks cannot be overstated. Industry figures show that sugar intake from overall soft drink consumption is down 18.7% since 2013. In addition to this, low- and no-calorie beverages now account for 64% of the total soft drinks market. Cold brew tea is sugar-free but has a gentle, natural sweetness; it has no calories and contains all the well-known health benefits of tea; it is excellent for quenching thirst and hydrating the body; and it’s perceived as an ideal drink for ‘grown-ups’.

Novus Tea’s cold brew tea uses cold, rather than hot, water for the infusion. Because cold brew tea uses cold water, the tea infuses more slowly over a longer time. This slower, longer process extracts more flavour and antioxidants from the tea, and produces a milder, richer, smoother taste, which is usually sweeter, with no hint of the bitterness associated with over-brewed hot infusions. Novus Tea’s cold brew teas and infusions will be available in 10 litre bags-in-a-box with fittings to suit the Nitro system.

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