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P C Henderson Specified For World’s First Underwater Quarry Hotel

JodyP 31 July 2019 1 comment
P C Henderson Specified For World’s First Underwater Quarry Hotel

P C Henderson’s sliding door hardware has been specified for the world’s first underwater quarry hotel located in Songjiang Shanghai, China.

The Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai Wonderland, which was opened in October 2018, is being hailed as a modern architectural wonder of the world. Built onto the side of a 289 foot deep, water filled quarry, the five star luxury hotel took ten years to build and boasts 337 rooms across 18 floors, 16 of which are technically below ground and two underwater.

P C Henderson’s Husky Telescopic system was specified for 314 of the rooms in order to create two large movable walls between the bathroom and bedroom. The telescopic formation of the doors allows for a modern, open plan design whilst still ensuring that the bathroom can be completely closed off when privacy is required. The company’s Husky Simultaneous Action kit was also specified for 44 of the rooms which required bi-parting doors in order to separate two rooms.

Julius Zhu, China Business Development Manager at P C Henderson commented, “The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, or deep pit hotel as it is often known, has been built in a way that pushes the limits of interior design. Open plan bedrooms and bathrooms are becoming an increasingly popular trend within the luxury hotel market – as developers aim to create a unique and modern living experience which visitors are unable to achieve at home.

A number of the hotel rooms also include a cavity wall for one of the movable walls to slide into meaning the doors are completely hidden from view when not in use – further complementing the open plan, minimalistic design.

Designed by British design firm Atkins – the company behind the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai – the state of the art hotel is part of a new wave of ambitious architectural projects being carried out in China due to an increase in economic growth. The £225 million hotel has been designed with a number of eco-friendly principles – geo thermal power and solar power generates energy for heat and lighting whilst the pond in the base of the quarry cools the air which is then drawn into the building as natural air circulation.

“Our sales into the Chinese hotel market have seen a significant upturn recently as developers request only the highest quality hardware for the new wave of prestigious hotels being developed”, continued Julius.

P C Henderson’s Husky Telescopic system caters for wooden doors weighing up to 80kg and can cater for 2 or 3 doors to travel together in a telescopic type motion.

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