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Pantheon Re-Launches Mixer With New, Super-Safe Features (Including Colour Blind Safe Controls)

JodyP 6 March 2019
Pantheon Re-Launches Mixer With New, Super-Safe Features (Including Colour Blind Safe Controls)

Pantheon has re-designed its high-performance PM20, 20 litre planetary mixer to incorporate a wealth of new safety features making it one of the safest mixers on the market today.

Explains Nick Pendlebury, Pantheon’s founder and director, “The sophisticated safety features we’ve added bring a whole new level of assurances for operators – and without inflating the price. The most significant of the new features is a magnetic safety switch located at the rear of the bowl that prevents the machine running without the bowl in place. Quite simply, if the bowl is removed, the machine stops.”

As well as this, the operational controls are very comprehensive to prevent accidental misuse. There is a new white ‘on’ button, black ‘off’ button and large, red ‘emergency off’ button designed specifically to make controls clear to operators with colour blindness (1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are affected by ‘red green’ colour blindness according to the latest figures from the NHS.)

Further safety controls include secure locks to either side of the bowl once it’s in position and a heavy stainless steel wire guard that locks securely into place. There is also a motor safety switch with a heat sensor that prevents the mixer from operating if it becomes too hot through overuse.

The PM20 is built for durability. Its cast metal body undergoes an exacting finishing process to ensure it can withstand the most rigorous use. This comprises an undercoat, two coats of silver paint that are oven baked and a final coat of lacquer.

The mixer is powered by a durable and dependable 1.1 kW motor while the hard-wearing, reliable, all gear-driven transmission ensures smooth, friction-free operation across 3 speed settings – 97, 220 and 316 revs per minute.

The PM20 is supplied complete with a 1.5 mm thick stainless steel mixing bowl, a wire whisk, a dough hook and a beater.

“20 litre mixers are, by far, the most popular size in the UK,” concludes Nick. “That’s why it’s the first model in our range that we’ve addressed. However, we’re planning to re-launch the rest of the range over the coming months.”